Persona Q is Equal Parts Brilliant and Awful

Rhys from Awesome Games writes: 'Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth was a bit of a headscratcher for fans of the series when it was first announced. Toted as a cross between the gameplay styles of Persona and the Etrian Odyssey series, your objective is to make your way through several enormous labyrinths from a first-person perspective, while making sure your party of five is watertight by weaving synergies between their strengths and weaknesses. The game works just fine and to the casual observer it’s a remarkably competent turn-based dungeon crawler. But I am no casual observer.'

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Blacklash931275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

It's a very good dungeon crawler. The story is just tripe filler with flanderized jokes for characters.

I wouldn't necessarily call the the gameplay inferior to Etrian Odyssey, especially if we're not talking III or IV. One forced party member slot, although significant, isn't too big of a deal in my opinion. And fusion replacing skill points can be disliked, I guess, but there's nothing wrong with it and it's a deep, unique system in its own right.

Focusing on the positives - The dungeons themselves are something that I think decidedly live up to Etrian Odyssey; the individual floors are all notably unique, and they all offer fresh challenges as the game progresses. There's also the boost system, which is a unique core battle mechanic to PQ and it works well.

I'd say PQ is close to as good as EOIV overall, which is a compliment.