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"A week from today, I'll be heading down to LA for E3 2008. I wanted to run some of the coverage plans by you, and see what you'd like to see on the blog during the week of July 14.

Next week we'll ramp up to the Expo by sharing interviews with producers and developers of the games you'll be seeing at E3. I asked you to tell me what you wanted to know, and that's exactly what happened. One interview a day through the kickoff of the conference.

Below you'll find what we've been reading. As always, feel free to share your favorite reads in the comments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear - the blog team is out for the weekend."

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Silogon3729d ago

I love how one of the things they didn't read were the 2.40 disaster. Maybe if they had read that it'd be fixed for you people by now.

avacadosnorkel3729d ago

NO problems here...and I got it before it was supposedly taken down.

Maybe a bunch of people that don't own the system went on the Playstation's web site complaining about 2.40 ruined it for everybody else?

juuken3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Silogon...please shut up.
Just...shut up.

The 2.4 firmware update isn't as epidemically destructive as you're making it out to be. The update was pulled for the few people who DID have problems. Sony didn't want it to stay up there for more people to fall victim to the bug.


Btw, my update went by without a hiccup. The time feature was a nice addon.

Silogon3729d ago

My update seems to have went off just fine too, aside from some laggy xmb issues on some games, but the truth is the truth. There is a problem, if there wasn't it wouldn't have been pulled.

Don't sugar coat $#*T, man. You said yourself so "MORE" people didn't fall victim to the bug. Are you saying it could have been wide spread? How do you know just wide spread it was and or wasn't?

Please, it was broken and Sony had to fix it. End of story.

QueefyB3729d ago

wow this silogon guy sounds very stupid he reminds me of john mccain

Silogon3729d ago

Only matched by your idiotic screen name, your need to try and sound relevant and in the know by tossing out a jab to Mr. McCain, who will be the next president like it or not and your overall lack of comprehension when you can't take the truth as truth.

I hear after dark video has a buy 2 get 3 free sale on KY, maybe you and your boyfriend should stock up.

juuken3729d ago

I'm not sugarcoating anything "SILLYgon". You're getting on as if it's the end of the damn world. If I may, I will say ONCE again that XBox Live was down for two freakin' months because of an update. The 2.4 update will come back up as soon as Sony identifies the problem.


End of discussion.

jif863729d ago

Siligon is an XBOT and likes swallowing Microjizz.

QueefyB3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

wow this silogon guy sounds like hes crying because he knows john mccain is really stupid

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The Karate Kid3729d ago

Well if you look in the comments I gave in my 2 cents of the XMB. Please read below and click agree or Disagree of these request?
I just wish that Jeff or Eric Lempel can hear me out, all I truly want is to be heard, once Im heard I will be able to exhale.
ERIC or JEFF if you are reading please read and understand.
I am so happy and proud to be PS3 owner and Im so excited that 2.4 has been released which allows all users to have access to in game XMB. Can you guys please put these additions into consideration please…..

1) Please add a sound alert for when someone sends you a friend request, logs on or message me. It can be the same sound you hear when you earn a trophy. This is critical and it just makes sense. Also if you can add an option in the setting to turn this sound off. (Just imagine if this feature wasn’t available on my cell phone, how would I know that someone sent me a text message?

2) Please add in a Playlist for Videos. It would be so awesome if I can just let all of my game Trailers roll in the morning when Im getting ready for work. I download so many game & movies trailers in the morning, I would like to put these to good use. With the Video being such a huge icon on the XMB it just makes sense to have a Video Playlist, wouldn’t you guys agree?

3) When I press the PS button on the controller during the XMB a small battery life icon appears on the top right of the screen, Well the problem is, it covers up the time & date for about 2 seconds. I know its something small, but if you guys can adjust the placement of that meter it would look more professional. if you can just adjust it a little further up or down so it doesn’t cover up the time & date, it would be an easy fix.

4) on the top left of the screen, if you guys can add

Friends online:

Really just anything that you can do to make it more noticeable that I do have a message or a game Invite awaiting. Right now its to much of a mystery, Its like I have to really go and search to see if I have a message.

5) Please add in automatic installation & automatic shutdown on the system. Just like on the 360, it would be nice if I can download some demos and videos before I headed for bed, and I can know that my system will automatically shut it self down after the downloads.

6) Last but certainly not least, some nice soothing music in the Playstation store would be awesome!!!!! If digital downloads and entertainment is truly the future, then why not make the shopping experience the best that it can be? Just some nice shopping music, almost similar to the nintendo wii.
Jeff you may not have to add in all these features but atleast please reply telling me that you read it and you ran these very small ideas to Eric? Please?

I am a district manager for a Major Video Game retailer and I PUSH SONY extensively to my team and to the guest. This is just one small favor I ask of you. Thanks

P.S. I will be in LA on Sunday, how can I get to the Press Conference?

QueefyB3729d ago

does anyone know silogons address because i want to send him a box of tissues and maybe a hallmark card

supremacy3729d ago

in that case than i have a few minor requests of my own as well lol. i want the following features.

1. voice/video mail.
2.cross chat (cant go on without this)imagine you on the browser searching for something, your buddy playing a game while both chat with one another via headset.
3. flash support and more speed for the browser.
4. search engine in ps store( that would be nice to have) checked!
5. time/date/ weather via ps button press, )this might not be a needed feature but its convenient to have specially if your playing hours before you are set to go out somewhere) checked via LIFE
6. more psone classics on the ps store, specially 3rd party psone ips strider, contra, final fantasy 7,8 ect.
7. ps2 games for distribution on the ps store( this way those without BC can enjoy in the action as well. plus it would make the psn that much better if you ask me.
8. pre-loaded thumbnails/images on the ps store.
9. music & tv shows store( i mean if any company has the power to this its sony they own one of the biggest tv and music production studios on the planet so yeah the rights shouldn't be much of a problem.)
10. double or triple the friends list count, asap. checked!
11. a more in depth profile system, like what games you play most favorite genre, when last seen online, what type of gamer you are, your accomplishments thus far ect.
12. 4/6way voice/video chat, yeah i know danm,....
13. alert sound/ log in, log off sound,
14. alert sound/ message sound, sound for every time you get a message.
15. Sent Message to all feature/option-sent the same voice/video/text massage\mail to all friends.

hey if your reading this than thats what i would like to see coming soon.

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