2015 game releases – our top picks (DarkZero)

DarkZero Team: "We look ahead to what 2015 has in store for us. There's some games to look forward to across all platforms - the team put the spotlight on some of their personal highlights."

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spicelicka1215d ago

Seriously Splatoon? Hotline Miami 2? but no Halo 5 and Uncharted 4? The two biggest games for MS and Sony??

I understand it's like a compilation of personal picks of the individual staff members but why the hell is that relevant to us? These articles are meant to be for the readers not the staff.

medman1215d ago

Hey man, people can like different things, it's ok. Maybe they chose different games because they're a little burned out the fifth and fourth installments to those well known franchises you mentioned. I'm looking forward to about 30 titles that I consider "must buys" for me in 2015, but if I pared down my personal list I'm sure there would be games left off others would never consider leaving off their own lists. It's's just an opinion.

Domstercool1215d ago

Everyone has their own views on what they like, and it's nice to see what other people think. No point being the same as every other site out there, otherwise everyone would have the same triple A titles on the list. What's the point of that if all the sites feed the same content to everyone?