Furor over Dying Light delay unwarranted

MWEB GameZone writes: "And that’s what people are really upset about, the ‘unfairness’ that other people are getting it first and they have to wait. It’s a ridiculously immature attitude. "

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schmoe1273d ago

love the Dylan Thomas quote ;-)

lord zaid1273d ago

It was too easy. I couldn't resist

HanCilliers1273d ago

Agree 100% with the writer. The upheaval is unccesary to say the least.

Helloween131273d ago Show
SonZeRo1273d ago

Delays are good, unless it gets delayed indefinitly.

KyRo1273d ago

But this ain't a delay because of the game not being finished, it's done, it was meant to be sent to pressing plants but for whatever reason the game hasn't been pressed in Europe and now we have a delay. If anything this is Warner Bros problem but people are giving Techland the stick.

mysticwolf1273d ago

I say 20% off on the disc version seems fair.

lord zaid1273d ago

For what? BEcause you had to wait a few weeks? Ridiculous.
Thats like saying the new Audi Q7 should be 20% off cos its only releasing in you area 6 months after europe

Neonridr1273d ago

20% off an Audi is a huge discount.. ;)

Meltic1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Just get over it. Just buy it and download it on steam and play and have fun. It's just one time. This doesent happend every time a game comes. I allso rather wanted it on the disk to trade in later meaby but since ive waited so long for this game i want the CODE fast so i can download it on steam this time.

lord zaid1273d ago

Listen to this guy. He has the right of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.