Xbox One to Change the Way We Play?

TK: Is Xbox One taking gaming to the next level? Will we no longer be restricted to our living room? Read more to find out!

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saadd20972d ago

Xbox One is looking to step up their game. It could also increase purchases of Surface tablets.

The_Infected972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

I highly doubt this will sell surface tablets. The full Windows 10 isn't even coming to Microsot Surface just some Windows 10 features are.

Also playing Xbox One games on other Windows 10 devices is still done locally in your home. It's not like cloud gaming. Still it's pretty awesome though.

holysmokesbatman972d ago

What are you talking about?
Seriously misinformed.

PoSTedUP972d ago

you also need a controller. would be ok for phones in your home bc of the attachment, but tables would be a little annoying imo, still very awesome though. also if or when they make it to streaming anywhere outside of your home, you'll still need a controller and is kinda inconvenient. MS should release a handheld. that's one of the reasons i love the vita.

saadd20972d ago

i agree..Vita is being kept alive by the remote play ability. otherwise the PSP was a much better performer.

mhunterjr972d ago

What are you talking about? Surface Pro tablets run windows in Full, the same will be true with Windows 10.

If a gamer is deciding between an apple tablet/laptop or a windows product, surely this would influence his decision.

mcstorm972d ago

@The_Infected The Surface Pro's are getting Windows 10 grades its Windows RT that will not get the full Windows 10. This is the Surface RT and 2 as well as a Nokia, Acer and Dell Tablets that are not getting the full windows 10 upgrade but Microsoft have not said what will and wont be updated on Windows RT.

I have a Pro 3 and ill be putting Windows 10 preview on it as soon as its out and cant wait to give it a try.

The_Infected972d ago (Edited 972d ago )


"What are you talking about?
Seriously misinformed."

No I'm not. Maybe you should do some research yourself.

"Surface RT will only get some of Windows 10's upgrades"

"Xbox One exclusives can be streamed on Windows 10 PC, tablets through home network."

rainslacker971d ago

I don't think it will push surface pro tablets to any great degree. That's a pretty expensive add on, and you could buy a minimum of 3 X1's for the price of one surface Pro. There are much cheaper options available that will have a full version of Win10 on them, and yes the Tablet uses RT.

Remote play is so popular because it lets you play your games while away from the house. I know situations arise in home where it makes it hard to play a game, but overall, I don't think it warrants an expensive secondary device.

I'm sure WinRT will have their "remote play" app on it though. All it is is a remote desktop type thing, which is available on RT. I'm also sure at some point the feature will be available over the internet.

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TX800972d ago

how many times have sony and microsoft said this so far i have seen nothing.

F0XHOUND972d ago (Edited 972d ago )



Two names, only one will last. Xbox as a console won't last forever, the sane applies to PlayStation. They will disappear as nothing but a brand name and an app of sorts accessible via your TV, phone or PC etc. The console is literally on its way out, not today... maybe not in 10 years. But they are, streaming and the cloud are doing it. So Microsoft doing this is technological advancement, they'd phase Xbox out for one universally accessible gaming service across all platforms. As would Sony! So arguing how Xbox might shape gaming... you damn right it is, but not in a console vs console world!

the_dark_one972d ago

"Is Xbox One taking gaming to the next level? Will we no longer be restricted to our living room? " isnt sony with ps4 and vita already doing this? and cant we already play some ps3 games (and more to come, and aswell ps1 and ps2) with a couple of devices such of phones, tablets and tvs that can be connected to internet to use PSNow? so it isnt somethings completely new. Now with that tech of Hololens we will be seeing some cool stuff i bet, but again it wont the revolutionary in gaming but i can see it be big in social and business departments.

moldybread972d ago

ps now streams your games from sony's servers, not the ps4. sony also decided to so far limit it to the ps4 and only have ps3 games available (so far) but yes, in thoery sony can do exactly what microsoft has shown with windows 10. difference is on the xbox one it will be widely available to any device running windows 10 and with a free upgrade to windows 8.1 and windows 7 owners that opens up millions and millions of potential devices to stream to.

both services (ps now and windows 10 streaming) so far offer 720p and 30 fps streaming. microsoft is trying to bring that to 1080p and 60 fps.

microsoft could also allow streaming from other devices other than the xbox one too (that run windows 10) but they will likely focus only on the xbox one for now because they want to sell that hardware.

one other thing, microsoft seems to also want to support more cross platform gaming with the pc like we saw with fable legends. that also means full xbox live feature set with recording, voice chat and everything.

the_dark_one972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

thats the thing, microsoft will make you pay for xbox live on pc to be able to cross play with xbox one.

most ps3 games are 720p anyway its not like if you could stream at 1080p it would look like a current gen title. and 1080p 60fps will require alot more of bandwidth so even if they achieve it, im not saying they wont, it will not be for everyone

rainslacker971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

Hooray, we can now play on our PC in our office or in our lap, or in bed on our tablet.

I think remote matter what name it goes a neat feature, and I use it often on my Vita and my PSP before that, but it doesn't really revolutionize anything. All it does is let us move around a bit more and have more access to our games.

Otherwise, PSNow seems to be pushing things more since it's not device dependant, whereas with remote play you are required to have a server device like the PS3, PS4, or now X1...and maybe the Wii U if you want to include their game pad.

What I find funny is that there is absolutely nothing preventing Sony from releasing a remote play app for Windows or Mac. I'm surprised we haven't seen one already.

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