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Tru_Blu1270d ago

Not spending any coin this week

Benchm4rk1270d ago

My thoughts exactly. Was really hoping for Suros or Red Death.

JeffGUNZ1269d ago

I only picked up the Radiant Dance Machines hoping they'd alter my dancing. They didn't. Disappointed.

BlissSeeker1270d ago

"Xur is back once again at the Tower, and he’s ready to deliver you all the items you’ve been waiting for."

Oh he must be selling something good!

"No Land Beyond"


JeffGUNZ1269d ago

Yeah, f that, this is the second time since the DLC he is selling this hunk of junk.

Cra2yey31270d ago

Helmet engram was the best item this week, bought 5 of them and none of them was helm of saint 14...

fOrlOnhOpe571270d ago

I have that helmet for my Titan. It reminds me of the Looney Tunes Martian lol.

colt-of-tipton1270d ago

Typical , he's not selling heavy ammo again must have used 10 heavy synthesis last night doing crota hard which I still have not beaten :(

bananaboats1269d ago

Timing ia key young padawan. also two people with 331 ghorns detroys all. dont leave the tower without them.

GuruStarr781269d ago

I usually buy about 300 of them when he gets them in stock, which is once every 3 weeks... gjallahorn eats them up!!

CorndogBurglar1269d ago

Can he just sell the Ruin Wings or Helm of Saint 14 again? This stuff is garbage.

He hasnt sold anything i've wanted in 3 weeks. I've got strange coins coming out the yin yang.

Suros or Red Death would be nice too.

AKS1269d ago

Red Death is the only primary other than Necrochasm I don't have, and it just so happens that now Red Death has become extremely useful on the most difficult PvE fight in the game. I've had a hell of a time trying to get my hands on it. I had no idea a coin shortage months ago would still be haunting me.

AKS1269d ago


I think Xur sold Glasshouse not long ago, which is similar to Helm of St.-14. It's not as multipurpose as Helm of St.-14, which is my favorite exotic Titan helmet, but Glasshouse is probably the better option against raid bosses, which tend to be the toughest PvE encounters. It gives you an extra ~5 seconds of Weapons of Light or Blessing of Light, which are extremely useful in boosting the team's DPS.

CorndogBurglar1269d ago

Yeah, im in ghe same boat. I didnt have enough coins a couple months back when he was selling Red Death and i've been waiting for it ever since.

He was selling Glasshouse last week, but i want Saint 14 because that blinding ability is awesome and really helps in the first part of the Crotas End Raid. All those thralls run right into the force bubble and you can slaughter all of them with ease.

AKS1269d ago

Glasshouse mainly has the advantage when you're boosting your team's DPS on bosses like Atheon and Crota. 5 more seconds of Weapons of Light for the team or most of the team can be an enormous amount if communication is good. That 5 seconds can include Gjallerhorn and sniper rifle attacks, which shreds Atheon. Most other situations favor Helm of St.-14. I think both are worth getting, though.

ceballos77mx1268d ago

I got that glass house from the engram he's selling, and a warlock one too.

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The story is too old to be commented.