PS4 20th Anniversary #00001 Is on Auction for Charity Right Now; Shoots to Over $8,500 in 30 Minutes

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia is putting a true collector’s piece on auction, in the form of the #00001 PS4 20th anniversary edition, and the auction started just now.

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Relientk771128d ago

This is easily gonna hit $20,000 or more

would be cool to have #1 though

MK24ever1128d ago

At this rate it will go to 1 million.

JMaine5181128d ago

Damn it's alreay at $5,000

PickAShoe1128d ago

now it is 4,522,000 yen or 45,220 dollar, wow.

Ultr1128d ago

This is the only way that those consoles should have been sold! Great move!

donthate1128d ago

Actually, the whole 20th anniversary edition has majorly pissed me off. It should have been general availability at a much larger quantity.

Instead we got a bunch of scalpers other than Sony auctioning it off.

tekksin1128d ago

is that correct? It means it's at 17,000+ right now.

MK24ever1128d ago

31.000 euros already? Google must be fooling me...

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