PAIN 'Amusement Park' tidbits revealed; video on Monday

Nestled deep in the comments section of the official PAIN Blog, Producer Travis Williams has been busy responding to the community. There's plenty of back-and-forth banter, but there are also some hidden gems of info which we thought you might be interested in. PAIN's expansion pack, the Amusement Park, will be available this Summer for "less than $6.99" and a video of it in action will be shown on the official PlayStation Blog at some point tomorrow. A European release will happen simultaneously.

With regards to trophies, this will be included in the expansion pack and won't end there. Travis says that "new trophies for PAIN will come out as long as we continue to add content." Hopefully this is a common occurrence, with future game expansions for existing titles bringing more trophies. Could this mean more Super Stardust HD trophies are coming at some point in the future? Considering there's no Platinum trophy, we're guessing so.

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ps3FTW3726d ago

Finaly that you can buy in pain that are not Characters.

avacadosnorkel3726d ago

from what I hear it's not good enough for 10

aiphanes3726d ago

You just have to get past the tutorial..most people gave up there.

Try playing HORSE with 2 other people in is so fun...remember pain is a casual gammers game...but pain is better than most wii casual games.

The physics...and the humor in PAIN is top notch..

andron6663725d ago

It's my favourite PSN game, together with Blast Factor and Stardust HD.

thor3725d ago

Pain might have been a good game if it launched with 3 or more maps. Charging a further $7 for another map is just ridiculous.

justaddh303725d ago

completely agree, maps would have exponentially increased playing time. i got it by "gamesharing" it from a friend who bought it...and have since considered trashing it. i haven't played this game in months and would probably pay about $3.99 for it tops.

godcrusher3725d ago

It would be great if they threw in at least one new character with the new map for free. Maybe a clown or carney.

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The story is too old to be commented.