Why We Consider The Order: 1886 a 'Must Buy Title' On PS4 . Here Are The Reasons

Ready at Dawn studio is ready to ship their latest game The Order: 1886 to the market soon but there is a lot of criticism around the web that is surfacing as the game is getting closer and closer to its release.

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DarkOcelet1272d ago

Thank you for the awesome reasons. Here is why i think it will be awesome.
Heavy storytelling
Superb Graphics
Jason Graves epic ost
Nikola Tesla
Futuristic badass weapons
Great Voice Acting
Awesome Beards and Mustaches
Beautiful Environment
Visceral Gameplay
Lycans or Halfbreeds that can talk which is totally cool
Its a Single Player experience
Will make people have more knowledge about Victorian London 1886
Varied looking environments

Rimeskeem1272d ago

You forgot about changing gameplay and intense battle sequences

ShugaCane1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

And Santa Monica | Ready at Dawn.

About the OST : Please do NOT forget Austin Wintory, who is responsible for the masterpiece that is Journey's ost, and who also works on that game.

bouzebbal1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

i dont understand what's wrong with so called gamers nowadays. Before people were queuing to buy Tetris in colors for NES and peopel had fun with all kinds of games.
Hating and trolling became a standard right now, and i have no idea why people cannot just shut up and respect others.
Everyone is allowed to have his console of choice but it doesn't mean that you should spit on other's at every single occasion it's tiring in the end.
The Order is gonna kick ass because it looks phenomenal and the fightings seem very intense. But to me it's mostly the atmosphere and the new dimension of historical London that appeal most to me.
Gamers should stand up and realize that reviews are the most subjective thing ever, and even if the reviewer is objective about it doesn't mean you have the same opinion. I for sure always go for the feeling and i have almost NEVER been disappointed on any of my choices and i could enjoy some amazing underrated games.
Mustache for everyone!

PoSTedUP1272d ago

@abz. it's been like that forever, but deff more intense as of recent. it's because sony fans got a chance to hate on MS hardcore at the start of the gen and got to flaunt at the same time. this is the industry taking stabs at us now. but: We Didnt Start The Fire!! *sings* :P

well said though.

The Order is gonna Rock. i like the atmosphere as well, but really the guns and the way they shoot/sound. the ambiance.

Mr Pumblechook1272d ago

I'm confused. Eurogamer and a ton of other websites have written articles slating The Order: 1886 without having played the full game. Are they trying to help gamers not buy a 'broken' game or are they trying to damage sales of a PlayStation 4 exclusive?

morganfell1272d ago


Story is at the heart of any game for me. I can only enjoy for a short time those titles which rely solely on mechanics or gimics. Add to this my love of the source material and this particular game was "made to order" as it were.

The days when gamers enjoyed great titles sheerly for the sake of gaming are currently under siege. It is a mentality on which cheap websites prey in order to garner hits and the more sheeplike readily fall prey to the beast.

Some, particularly supporters of such trash writing would argue, "If you can print articles praising an upcoming game is it not equally just to print articles which then critique, attack, or point out a titles issues?" I would take the stand that it is not, or rather at least not under many circumstances.

This is a hobby which I happen to enjoy and one in which I have invested a significant amount of money and time. It is a pastime in which I engage for enjoyment rather than a laboratory where I hope to invent a new genus of angst and disappointment. Many of the issues with major titles are quite real. Ubisoft has hopefully learned this gem of a fact by now. But sometimes, and more often as of late, these matters are invented, or at the very least unnecessarily amplified by imebciles as they fly under the banner of "controversy sells".

It is quite one thing to question marketing strategy or DLC plans for a title but it is entirely a horse of a different color to simply attack titles with the blunt weapon of ignorant opinion. From game reviews to simple nonsense blathering such as that posted recently by I abhor and detest such detrimental articles that exist only to serve themselves.

It is the modus operandi these days that most sites must inform the ignorant masses of their fool's belief in an upcoming game. They must illuminate us as we grovel in the dark. The fact that they can work such magic with no more information than we ourselves possess is the sort of thing that at one time would have stirred up a great deal of trouble in Salem.

I can find almost no sites these days that simply celebrate gaming and inform the demographic. A site that says "Here is a coming game. This looks cool as hell. Here is what you can do. Check out this kick ass video". Quite frankly such a site that was well managed and technically stunning would get clicks from me 50 times a day. As I have stated in the past, I neither wish nor require a cult leader/demented pied piper to direct me in my erred ways as I find hope in my anticipation of some coming title.

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Mechanism1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Nice list DarkOcelot. The fud campaign has missed out on all these factors for some mysterious reason. Sadly though, they have gone so far with the previews, that even if they do decide the game is awesome, they won't want to back peddle and lose face. Cretins.

SaveFerris1272d ago

I'm throwing my money at the screen right now.

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Volkama1272d ago

"Will make people have more knowledge about Victorian London 1886"

Just to be clear, you know there weren't really werewolves right? :)

DarkOcelet1272d ago

Aside from the Werewolf part lol.

Caffo011272d ago

who knows... we weren't there.. XD

bouzebbal1272d ago

@morganfell: it is funny to see that Story is apparently the deciding factor and what's in the heart of the games you play and i respect this opinion. But the thing for me is that many things can take over the story, depending on the game genre i am playing.
I will never stop being amazed by a mario game for it's unbelievable creativity and gameplay, and we all know that story has never been the strength of this series. On the other hand, games like MGS or quanticdream productions rely on the emotional part and you cannot catch emotions without telling a good story.
If you only care about the story in a game, then you must not play much..

Magicite1272d ago

Just 3 reasons r enough - best graphics+ps4 exclusive+tps genre.

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MrSwankSinatra1272d ago

Something is a must buy and yet nobody has played the full game yet #logic

Rimeskeem1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

People hate on the story and yet no ones played he full game # logic

Im not saying you talked about the story. I'm saying that in your case, people shouldn't hate on this games story because they haven't played the entire game.

And yes, there was an article on saying the story seemed poor.

MrSwankSinatra1272d ago

never said the story was bad, so you're talking to the wrong person about that one

Femto1272d ago

when did he ever talk about the story?

Ravenheartzero1272d ago


The author is just giving his opinion On why he thinks it's a must buy. That doesn't make it a must buy. I reckon most people have already decided wether or not they are getting the Order. Me defo :)

OB1Biker1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

There are many games this year which are 'must buy' (before they are released) I m sure your comment is genuine but I feel like a lot of people get caught into the 'bias' (I cant find a better word to describe the flak this game unfairly gets) Its the same thing for a lot criticism. For example in a lot of games including stealth, at some point you got to be stealthy for a level or mission..
For the Order 1886 they call it 'forced stealth' and of course its really really bad./s

uth111272d ago

Articles like this exist because they're have between so many stories trashing this game based on a year old preview

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ltachiUchiha1272d ago

This game will not be for everyone but for those who enjoy a dark scifi with wolves & baddazz guns & storyline. Count me in.

Maxor1272d ago


1. Graphics.
2-9 Graphics.
10. See reasons 1 to 9.

As long as the graphics doesn't disappoint, I'll be happy.

MasterCornholio1272d ago

*We would humbly request everyone that don’t judge something based on what others say about something until and unless you get to experience it yourself."

I can agree with that.


I use reviews to give me a general idea on whether I would like a game or not. But I'll never know for sure until I played it.

I remember I bought Street Fighter 4 because I thought I would like the game based on the reviews for it. Turns out I didn't like the game at all and I ended up selling it quickly.

Then Street Fighter Vs Tekken came out and I didn't buy it because I thought I wouldn't like the game based on the reviews it got. However I got it for free with plus and I really enjoy it.

Moral of the story is that while reviews can give you a general idea on whether you would like a game or not the ultimate proof is actually playing the game.

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