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Directly from the article, "So as you guys all know, Sony's 2.4 firmware came out last week. With this firmware update were were given things such as a trophy system and finally that in-game XMB. Because of these new features I started to think of what else I wanted on my PS3 for it to rule MY living room. In no particular order"

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360degrees3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

shouldnt have had to play "Catch-Up" with all of these updates to be on par with the 360, It should have been equal or greater from its launch and then build up from it currently stands they are struggling to deliver "EXPECTED" Features which is a HUGE NO NO for the price they are asking for the system

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Close_Second3728d ago

I don't quite agree as to be honest gaming should be first and foremost about the games. However, at least both the 360 and PS3 systems are able to evolve to offer similar secondary features.

Mind you, the Wii seems to be avoiding the functionality debate and just steaming ahead with sales. Go figure that the most powerful specs don't always equate to the highest number of sales.

Domenikos3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Its just a freaking update with some features that can be useful for some and useless for others. 2.4 (is/was/will be) one in the list of PS3 updates, just stop b1tching it and go play some games.

Back to MGO

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Surfman3728d ago

we dont care about what you think.

boodybandit3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

you would think reliability would be most important. Without it options and feature don't really matter. I mean if you can't power up your console what is the point of it's capabilities.

sarcasm optional

Isaac3728d ago

"In my opinion the PS3
shouldnt have had to play "Catch-Up" with all of these updates to be on par with the 360, It should have been equal or greater from its launch and then build up from there"

Your opinion would hold some water if Microsoft was catching up faster to other PS3 features. Too bad it is all baseless stupidity, since Microsoft can never add Blu-ray games to their roster, so they are stuck for a generation with DVD9. Also, they still have not corrected RROD or the horrible D-pad that seems to plague every 360 controller, not to mention that it is not prepared for 1 Gbps connections and it never will. How about giving HDMI to those users that bought it on day one? Oh wait.

Sony is catching up on software features, but Microsoft will never catch up on hardware features that, as you said, should have been available the day 360 launched. Your parents should have used condom before thinking of contaminating our gene pool. You fail miserably.

waznotwaz3728d ago

I agree with Domenikos.Give Sony a chance.They did say that firmware update 2.4 was phase 1 of 3.At least let us see what phase 2 and 3 are.Fat chance of that ever happening though.In the past few days since the release of the FREE updates,this site has been littered with people whining and whinging about what they want."I'm not happy with the way Sony has implemented this feature.",or worst still, the"I don't want that.Gimme gimme gimme,I want this." brigade.Phase 2 and 3 are no doubt due to be released prior to the release of home.Until that time i'm going to enjoy my FREE updates.I feel sure that once home does eventually arrive then things will look a lot better.

Willio3728d ago

"Your parents should have used condom before thinking of contaminating our gene pool. You fail miserably."

Best quote ever. bubbles

SL1M DADDY3727d ago

Maybe you could help me out then with something that seems to be missing from your statement...

Why is it that the PS3 outsells the 360 worldwide each week? If the 360 has so many more features then why is it not selling better than the PS3?

Lifendz3727d ago

I agree with you on this. SOny came out after MS and should have been able to at least adjust the services offered after seeing how big achievements, in-game access to the dash, custom soundtracks, etc were. That said, I can't really fault them because I have not paid one cent to use PSN whereas you, and any other XBL gold subscriber, pay a fee just to connect online. So really, everytime you buy a game, play a demo, play a game online, etc, you're sorta paying MS for the ability to do this. Did you get to enjoy some cool features? Yes. But you've been paying so you should have those features.

It's analogous to one guy paying for cable with all the premiums and one guy not paying for cable and getting basic cable service. Now let's say the guy getting cable for free has just been given all the premium channels for free. Playing field is now even and, best part of all, from this point onward one guy is paying for what another is getting for free.

It's okay to be upset; I'd be mad too if I were in your shoes.

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Lucas223728d ago

i want psn cards, its been almost two years and sony cant relese them to major stores. The wii even has them. Sony losing their touch or are just plain lazy

PoSTedUP3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

im pretty sure sony is working harder than anyone.

ps3, ps2, psp, t.v.'s etc(most electronics). blu-ray. (makes games)
home, qore, playstation life style etc. firmware updates. etc.

MS- x360 and pc windows softwear (dosent make games) canceled the spring update. havnt even fixed the rrod yet<------------wtf?

nintendo- wii, DS, (makes games) didnt put all that much effort into there system......motion controls? w/e

thats just the way i see things, but correct me if im wrong cause i dont think sony is the laziest out of the 3, i dont think they are lazy at all cause things take time.

Shane Kim3728d ago

Please, some of these features are something that could come out of Shane Kims ass. I mean just look at Playstation Eye Remote Play for example. Its a freaking console, get a surveillance camera if you want to check your dogs/baby while your in a different country.

Shaka2K63728d ago

I want out of my PS3.

2.overpriced online service
3.the lack of Blu-ray
6.P2P garbage
7.more games then just shooters.
8.lack of internet browser
9.lack of style
10.last gen. graphics.

everything listed should stay forever away from my PS3 and invade the stupid xbugs that love to take it up the a$$.


PoSTedUP3728d ago

yo i was thinking the same thing, the ps3 is not a miracle worker! its a f*cking console. but i can tell you that 5 out of those 10 things will come. but im sorry, its not going to fold you clothes or take your dog for a walk : ( *sigh*

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

'but im sorry, its not going to fold you clothes or take your dog for a walk'???

BUT SONY PROMISED!!! ;-D Maybe the Dog could fold his Clothes??? ;-D

I Love it the way it is!;) But as time goes by it will get better and better;-P
I just want -
Resistance 2, God Of War 3, KillZone 2, GT5, LBP, MotorStorm 2, Ratchet&Clank:Spank Clanks Booty;), Uncharted 2, WipeOut HD, Final Fantasy XIII, Resident Evil 5, HOME etc etc ;-P

LevDog3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

You can remote play PS EYE.. You simply open a chat like you normally would.. Then turn on camera, and it will work.. You dont even have to pick someone thats online to do it..

EDIT: HAHA How do I get a disagree for simply telling the steps on how to use the camera on remote play..Unless they think it wont work.. but it does

DRUDOG3728d ago

I was just getting ready to write that after I read his second bullet. Some people complain and they don't even know what they've got!

Steve5193728d ago

awesome, I, along with many others, didn't know this. It works decently good. Thanks!

Ben10543728d ago

you haven't been able to do that for AGES.
so don't say he doesn't know hes facts when you don't even know the facts yourself

LevDog3728d ago

WOW 4 disagrees for directions on how to use PS EYE with remote play.. I didnt use any opinions or false facts.. I heard of these phantom disagreers that go around just hitting disagree, but I didnt think they were this crazy..

But seriously You can access your PS EYE through remote play by simply opening a chat room and turning the camera on

DRUDOG3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

No need to get excited about it, but this has been enabled for months. I didn't even know about, but a friend of mine was telling me how he'd call home while remote playing through his PSP and hang up on his wife as soon as she was getting ready to answer the phone. Yeah, he can be a real d!ck sometimes!

It isn't new by any means...

Edit: In response to ben below... Before you type something like:
"im almost certain that you cant do it", you might want to check your facts cause you're starting to look kind of silly. It works, they didn't disable it and I just used it yesterday because I was messing around with remote play.

Ben10543728d ago

certain that you cant do it,
i used to use the chat room to see the ps eye before, but im saying that they disabled it in an update ages ago, ive tried many times

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iamtehpwn3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

You cannot do in-game web browsing, there's simply not enough RAM to do it. Games use 60-90% of console's a RAM.

EDIT: Whats with the disagrees? Are you guys idiots?
This isn't a Fanboy statement. To do in game browsing, the PS3 or Even 360 would a lot more RAM to do in-game browsing.

253728d ago

why would someone want to browse the web when they are playing a game? serious question.

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