Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to have a Direct way to earn elite weapons

MWEB GameZone writes:" Michael Condrey, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, has revealed that players will no longer have to go through the loot system to earn Elite weapons."

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DesVader1032d ago

By direct way...they probably mean, here is the easy to use payment interface :D

SonZeRo1032d ago

i read the piece and immediatly p2w popped into my head, i don't think its a good thing that my mind went there first.

HoldenZA1032d ago

oh, I really hope not. I think they will most likely make it challenge based BUT if it is p2w I will not be spending a cent!

Sillicur1032d ago

Hahaha that could probably really be the case knowning activi$ion

lord zaid1032d ago

My thoughts exactly. And in a game like this, where weapon choice does have a bearing, it could be easily turn into a pay to win situation

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NoFanboyJustLovGames1032d ago

I hope its challenge base... if its pay to get it... im done with this year COD

Sillicur1032d ago

A new reward system would be really cool, heres to hoping

AiirJordann231032d ago

I have the ak-12 R.I.P I got it like 2 games in when the game first came out. You have to put an extended clip on it tho Cause it doesn't carry a lot of ammo at all.

HoldenZA1032d ago

How is the gun, is it worth while ? I saw Ali-A really wants it.

AiirJordann231032d ago

It's really good and hardly have any recoil just need a extended clip on it. I believe it holds like 20 or 22 bullets 33 with the extended clip. It's a badass gun.

Captain_Wormy1032d ago

How about elite clothing? I really want the Atlas Recon shirt and the Sentinel Operator Helmet.

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