4 Reasons Why “The Phantom Pain” Will Be Disappointing

It’s 2015, and the game was first teased in 2012, and we still don’t have a clear release date; only shots of features that, while they may impact the game experience, they do not affect the game’s story and gameplay, or, at least they shouldn’t.

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DarkOcelet1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Seriously,Who make those idiotic nonsensical articles.
The 4 reasons are some of the dumbest i have ever seen.

No more solo efforts?? Are you kidding me? Two days after this game release and you will see people get an S rank with Big Boss Solo on Extreme the whole game.

A humiliating Chicken Hat: Well guess what you can do, you can not chicken out and dont fkn wear it. Problem Solved.

MGO: Chicken hat on MGO? it doesnt make any sense, do these people read the article before they make them to see how stupid points they put in it. And many games close their servers after a while so why give this one a hard time? Besides the fantastic over 100 hour campaign is still there.

Time Itself: What the **** does that even mean? Oh GOD... First an article with a stupid complain about The Order and now this. Sigh. Enough stupidity for one day.

ShugaCane1301d ago

Previous articles from this website :

How Trophies ruin your experience
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5 reasons why Call of Duty sucks
Raven's Cry, one of the most disappointing game experience
4 upcoming sequels that should not exist

And now THAT

It's all about hate in here. Don't bother.

DarkOcelet1301d ago

Click Bait articles at its finest.

SaveFerris1301d ago

Looks like an anti-video game video game site.

user55757081300d ago

i didnt read the article but my 5 reasons are:

1)no david hayter
2)no david hayter
3)no david hayter
4)no david hayter
5)no david hayter

other than that i think it will be great

PockyKing1300d ago

They're just pandering to the N4G audience. It's painfully obvious..

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MasterCornholio1301d ago

My thoughts on these types of poorly written article

Duke "This is starting to really piss me off"

Femto1301d ago

these "reasons why" articles are fucking trash, link some good article, i dont care about the 2 cents of these so called "gaming journalists"

every time i get on here there are more "reasons why this, reasons why that" "top 10 this, top 10 that", all shitty articles

inb4 asshurt idiots dislike

--bienio--1301d ago

Thx for explaining, just click almost waste my morning reading another shit article:)

Pitch_Blanck1301d ago

A sad day for the humain brain indeed!
MGSV shows more signs of being epic than every other game out there.

Clunkyd1301d ago

The people approving these articles are a bunch of idiots. I'm sure they're working together to get hits.

peterdawa1300d ago

please downvote such sites

skwidd1300d ago

Lol article. Journalism is dead RIP

What do you expect from a website named "fixthisgame"? Positivity? Objectivity? Lol

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PoSTedUP1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )


TheStrokes1301d ago

What a stupid article... i think I'll name 5 reasons that website sucks... oh wait they just gave us a good 5.

burza19821301d ago

Only one thing disappointing is...that article.
MGS V not will be disappointing at all, that will be the best game all time.

urwifeminder1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

No intention of getting this but why do this to the children look at the comments above you are harming them my oh my think of the kids.At this rate you are overhyping disappointment and it will no longer be as disappointing.

DarkOcelet1301d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Metal Gear Solid a disappointment ? Get out of here troll.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1300d ago


Only an idiot would try defend stupidity. Perhaps you wrote the article?

The ultimate conundrum...

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