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That Gaming Site has set up a interview with Sony's Nathan Roberts who's portfolio includes titles such as Star Trek: Invasion, Wolverines Revenge, and Wipeout Pure! His job title is Technical Artist Assistant, Jamie Slaughter has arranged for a video interview with Mr. Roberts and decided it would be a good idea to ask TGS readers for questions they would like us to ask him. The interview is next Thursday 17th 2008 but the deadline will be for the questions is Tuesday 15th. TGS will pick the best questions and depending on the time allotted TGS will try there best to get through as many questions as possible.

The interview itself is going to be about Video Game Violence and its Influence on the Public.

Only submissions posted on the site will be taken into consideration.

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Elven63609d ago

How exactly is it spam? The purpose of the interview is to answer your questions and talk to him about Video Game Violence and its influence, were not spamming our site if thats what your saying since a product is being returned at no cost.