First Trailer for Star Wars Battle Pod Released

Hardcore Gamer: The first trailer for Star Wars Battle Pod, a title that, as the name might suggest, focuses heavily on in-vehicle combat has been released by Bandai Namco. Sure you can see a great deal of space combat and insane high-speed action here, but we all know you’re going to be watching it repeatedly just to take advantage of the classic Star Wars theme.

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CyrusLemont1270d ago

Gives you a nice idea of what piloting will be like in a FPS Battlefront game. Though I imagine the visuals will be better.

NiteX1269d ago

Yeah... I wouldn't hold my breathe thinking the graphics will be better than that. Just look at past FB games, they look about on par with that.

Jaevicious1269d ago

On rails tho? Im good.. Looks nice tho

JoeReno1269d ago

do you even know what "on rails" means? I'm so sick of seeing this comment when it isn't even correct. It is the new catch phrase among retards.

DefenderOfDoom21269d ago

I am so pumped to play this! I used the play the the orginal Star Wars Arcade cabinet back in the early 80's .

FriedGoat1269d ago

The Atari games?
they were indeed fun. "you cannot escape your destiny, you must face darth vader again!"

I did prefer the Sega version in the 90s. Lightsaber battles with that joystick were so cool