Destiny's new PvP mode coming soon – Grab a friend, Guardians

MWEB GameZone writes: "This week, a new multiplayer mode for Destiny will open up, called Doubles Skirmish. Bungie calls Doubles the first experiment, as they are testing new modes to create a more exciting multiplayer experience.

Here are the details."

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HanCilliers1272d ago

This sounds really good. I'm very curious to get player feedback. PvP is such an important component of end game content.

Sillicur1272d ago

Indeed, with very few raids to speak of, PvP endgame has to grow in order to keep a game alive as well.

I mean Crota's end is just one raid, with a hardmode now unlocked :( Not a lot in terms of endgame really

DesVader1272d ago

Quite right, I think Destiny is just catching up here as an MMO. Its nice that they are continuing to develop it though.

lord zaid1272d ago

I'm going to need a bigger investment in plot to lure me back to destiny. The grind isn't doing it for me anymore

Sillicur1272d ago

Ah you like the story more than the MMO grind?

Well, PvP for me in any game is never really like grinding, now missions where you just have to farm materials, thats grinding!

SonZeRo1272d ago

I severely dislike pvp so this isnt pulling any strings on me.

Sillicur1272d ago

Destiny's pvp or pvp in general?

HanCilliers1272d ago

But but, are you not a WoW junkie?

Sillicur1272d ago

You mentioned WoW, now my longing starts up again :( Loved the arena based PvP and Ranked battlegrounds

SolidDuck1272d ago

There's a trophy for a mode they took away after like the first week. They should put that back in.

WildArmed1272d ago

they bring it back on random Mondays. Retarded concept of removing content, though this is destiny. So much on disc locked content

HoldenZA1272d ago

I gave up on Destiny when I was getting their various error messages that prevented me from playing online. Maybe PvP will be a reason for me to give it another go.

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