The Order: 1886: Does Anyone Know What To Expect, Really?

If most gamers are being honest, they'll tell you they're on the fence concerning this PlayStation 4 exclusive. Is it the biggest crapshoot of 2015?

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Abash1337d ago

It's better not knowing what to expect, it's a new IP and I'm all for whatever surprise Ready at Dawn have in store.

Snookies121337d ago

Yeah, it's nice having a game to go into without knowing every little detail before it even launches.

DarkOcelet1337d ago

The air of mystery in this game is just awesome, a new ip, not revealing anything about the game, futuristic badass weapon, epic mustaches, epic beards, amazing voice acting, Nikola Tesla, epic ost, superb graphics, beautiful setting, heavy story telling etc etc etc. It is just hitting the write notes for a person who love single player games like me.

AngelicIceDiamond1337d ago

@Snookies Exactly leave that to the established IP's.

Plus its a cinematic story telling game the very last thing you wanna do is show all the good parts.

Think of Mass Effect.

Just like that one article with the gifs thinking he has it all figured out lol right.

Lord_Sloth1336d ago

I'm keeping my expectations at "shooter" so it's impossible to be disappointed. XXXD

ps4gamer19831337d ago

I want to be excited but I just can't. I'll wait for reviews

Snookies121337d ago

Why not? What's not to like from what we've seen?

ps4gamer19831337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

@ Snookie: I'm not seeing anything that stands out. Looks like gears of war in a pseudo steam-punk era.

I grew tired of cover shooters. Not my thing. Don't take it personally.

AngelicIceDiamond1336d ago

Don't get upset yall its simply his opinion.

Clunkyd1336d ago

Sad that you value other peoples opinions more than yours.

Genuine-User1336d ago

Could you elaborate on comparing The Order To Gears of War?

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Insomnia_841337d ago

So far I like the setting and story plot.

guitarded771337d ago

Exactly... Pro-Tip: just see enough of a game to interest you, then stop looking until it's time to play. In some cases we get far too much info on games, and expectations get out of control. In other cases, devs don't show anything because they know it's crap, and are hiding the flaws. This game has more than enough info out on it... time to play it and decide for myself.

Morgue1336d ago

Totally. While I don't know what to expect but I'm pretty sure I'll be blown away by it.

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Eonjay1337d ago

No. No one really knows what to expect and thats a great thing.

DigitalRaptor1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Not entirely true. Shinobi said it best:

"If you're looking for a linear, cinematic, solid third person shooter with a strong narrative, gorgeous visuals/physics and punchy, fun shooting in a badass alternate Victorian London setting, with a bit of horror elements thrown in, you'll be happy. I am and that's why I'm hyped as ****."

nucky641337d ago

I'm expecting: great setting, story, weapons.....and lycans.......oooooh, yes......lycans.

Rimeskeem1337d ago

I love how people want new IP's and this shows up and people just hate on it.

Day one buy for me. I think it has a unique setting with amazing graphics and solid looking gameplay and mechanics.

DarkOcelet1337d ago

Nobody hated on the overhyped Destiny or Watch Dogs before release or until they knew Watch Dogs was downgraded to hell. Their games was overhyped and they sucked so much in every possible way. But this one's hype seems balanced so i really hope it delivers.

OB1Biker1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Exactly. Didn't read the article but 'if most gamer r being honest they ll tell you theyr on the fence'
I suppose they speak for 'most gamers' don't they? /s

die_fiend1336d ago

I'm a big PS4 fan (no need for Xbone) and the game looks decent at a glance. But when almost every journalist is saying their worried it won't be good, why does everyone think their making it up?

When pretty much all AAA new IPs come up, people are usually excited ie Bioshock. There must be a reason that they all have concerns. Hopefully I'm wrong, but that's incredible rare, gonna be 7/10

OB1Biker1336d ago

Yea there must be a reason, maybe not a good reason though.
I take that 7/10 is not a bad score actually. People think under 9 is a bad score for an exclusive now.
I stopped long ago to care about 'scores' though. a review is to be read and understood and possibly acknowledge what you like about it and what you dislike trying to have your own opinion.
Best to have a reviewer you think usually have same tastes as yours or watch live streams.

Relientk771337d ago

I'm expecting to be blown out of the water

ashen1221337d ago

Same I want to send my family away turn up the sound bar and enjoy the game

Mechanism1336d ago

Blown out of the 'black water' :)

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