10 Things We Want In Saints Row V


This week’s release of Gat Out of Hell sees the series’ long-running story concluded, leaving the future of the Saints Row saga wide open. Despite the fact that the 3rd Street Saints are the sole remnants of humanity, the notorious gang’s adventures aren’t necessarily over. Developer Volition has done an excellent job carving out a unique identity for Saints Row; the franchise has evolved considerably over time, and more changes are undoubtedly in store.

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-Foxtrot1300d ago

A reboot which is like Saints Row 2

MicDude1300d ago

I really liked Saints Row IV for what it was. I wouldn't mind if the next game were just a bit more serious while retaining some of it's outrageousness. Saints Row IV was over the top lol

Scrivlar1300d ago

Personally I'd like them to tone it down a bit. I originally got into the series for the gang themed style, I liked starting from the bottom,taking over rival territories and taking down gang leaders on my rise to the top. Now I'm president, killing aliens and going to hell to kill the devil, it escalated pretty quickly.