Gaming Junkies: A Look at Video Game Addiction

David Tierney writes: "Addiction. The word is classically synonymous with alcohol, smoking, gambling, and hard drugs. Today, however, we’re beginning to see blatant hints of other addictions right under our noses. In fact, some forms of entertainment openly and proudly proclaim themselves as such, with many mainstream TV box sets being advertised as something to 'binge on'.

Gaming is no different, and while praising immersion seems understandable, many advertisements and reviewers heap praise on a title for having 'addictive' gameplay, and we're unlikely to even bat an eyelid at the word. Of course, this nonchalance could just be because they're clearly using the word in a broader sense and not as the malevolent term associated with substance abuse, but it does leave some food for thought."

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Owenza1304d ago

A family member used to think I was addicted to games, because I tend to play them every day. I even worried I had a problem the day I realised I'd played Simcity 4 for six hours straight (which seems cute by today's standards). But once I started having work and other commitments, I didn't always have time for games, and while I wasn't thrilled about this, I realised it wasn't specifically the games I was missing, but rather just having the leisure time. I now go for days at a time without playing anything, but it doesn't bother me so much if I get to read a book while on the train, or hang out with friends.

FLCL4711Fox1304d ago

Bring my 3DS everywhere and I never go anywhere trapped without my games. Am I addicted, probably not. But I know what I like!

PoSTedUP1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

my body is whithering away and my cadaver will be stiff in the position holding my vita.

im on the same boat bud, i cant go anywhere without my games. im addicted tho.

i buy games that im not gonna play right away. i buy games when i just bought games. i buy games that suck. i play games all the time and relax from playing games by playing a game. im playing a game right now and ill be playing one in an hour, and until i go to sleep.

smashing4fun1303d ago

Was hooked on pokemon for so long, can't believe there's been so much research put into this!