A Letter To: 343 Industries About Halo

Entertainment Fuse: "Dear 343 Industries,

I’m a huge Halo fan. Halo was the first game I bought for my Xbox. Half the reason I bought an Xbox One was for the Master Chief Collection. I even own a couple Halo toys and books. So I was excited for the Master Chief Collection. I was excited to play the games I loved. Excited to play Halo 2 online again. And even excited to see the future via the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta.

Instead what I and others got was a mess of a game that is only now starting to work. Matchmaking for the Master Chief Collection was broken and unreliable. Partying up with friends was a hassle and it hardly worked. It was a nasty launch that should have been avoided. I’ve heard rumors that this whole collection was rushed and if that is true then that really does suck for your studio. But it doesn’t excuse the crappy launch and extended amount of time the game was broken."

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Foehammer1303d ago ShowReplies(1)
r3f1cul1303d ago

could we make one that actually works on launch? i dont even care if its good... just make it function properly out of the box...

BlissSeeker1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Agreed... But I still want it to be good :P

r3f1cul1298d ago

fair enough... but i didnt want to break a game devs back... everyone knows how hard making games that function properly at launch and are good can be nowadays apparently ...

Dhampir1303d ago

All I want is a more tactical experience. Less of the getting shot in the back, then shooting someone in the back COD style gameplay.

BlissSeeker1303d ago

Yeah, what these guys said. Make it work right from launch. MCC still has matchmaking problems FFS.

spicelicka1303d ago

I'm sure they don't need a letter to understand what they need to do. What about the people who are happy with MCC? It works perfectly for me and it's the greatest gaming package I've ever gotten. Yes the first few weeks were difficult but I don't think they've gotten the recognition they deserve for bringing this collection to us. NOBODY expected all this content, majority of us thought it would just be halo 2 remastered with maybe halo 4's multiplayer or maybe just halo 2's original multiplayer.

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