New Bioware Dragon Age Countdown-July 9th reveal

July 9th reveal on Bioware's Official Dragon Age site.

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MK_Red3691d ago

Holy moly AWESOME! Finally, BioWare has said many times that this will be their next Baldur's Gate 2. Can't wait.

Bolts3691d ago

It'll be an isometric game. Only possible with the power of the PC! LOL. I love Mass Effect and Bioware's other games but its about time they get back to their roots. This is the type of game they do best.

IGotTheMeat3691d ago

When I read the devs say this about Dragon Age, I was instantly interested. It is about time Bioware got back to their dragonish roots! The game has been in development for 4 years now and is rumored for an April 2009 release. Bring on the Age of Dragons!

ip-student3691d ago

One of the few games that would cause me to upgrade my PC, if necessary. Cannot wait to hear more!

Azurite3691d ago

-the- game I've been looking forward to by BioWare the last 4 years.

fermcr3691d ago

Maby reveal screens, videos, and release date :) ... hope it comes this year.

Zhuk3690d ago

This will be a great title on Games for Windows

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