Would Sony Consider Making PlayStation Vita 2? - Podcast Beyond

IGN - The crew of Beyond speculates on what PlayStation Vita 2 would need to be like in order to exist in today's mobile dominated market.

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ps4gamer19831276d ago

If they stop supporting Vita despite it's surge in sales due to people wanting remote play for ps4's; then nobody will trust Sony with yet another handheld. Sony needs to ride out the Vita NOW instead of worrying about a new handheld. The Vita is powerful, but lack of support is sad.

SilentNegotiator1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

They're just going to have to ride it out.

Hopefully by the time they release a new handheld (if they do), they will have finally learned that people don't want expensive handhelds when everyone has a cell phone; the 3DS has shown that handhelds can still do very well at the right price (and when you don't screw up all of your big IPs on it).

iSuperSaiyanGod1276d ago

Iyes the vita is powerful . But sony should cut its losses & move on to a new handheld I can't remember the last time I saw any store even supporting a vita, probaly the walking dead bundle . My GameStop has 11 vita games total on shelf in store .And it's off in the back by the used controller section . To the normal consumer most people dont even know about the vita . I sold mine . It was probaly my worst purchase in the last 2 years . Besides remote play I didn't even touch it . Got $180 trade for it so i ended up with super smash bros wii u, far cry 4 & gta 5 .

VforVideogames1276d ago

Vita is not going to survive another year after windows 10 launches, you can play your XboxOne games library on any device like phones, tablets, pc that my friend its game over for Vita. Now you want to compare Hololens to Oculus or Project morpheus? Of course not Hololens its on another level.

PoSTedUP1276d ago

you can remote play on your devices with ps4 outside of your house, where ever you have wifi, and on the vita not needing to bring a controller with you.

hololens looks like the same route as the kinect, mainly Not for games. project morpheous is VR for GAmes, you know the Gamers?

thats why PS4 will coninute to dominate this gen.

ABizzel11276d ago

Remote play is starting to open up to more devices than Vita, so there's really little reason to continue with the Vita brand, especially with sales being so low everywhere outside of Japan.

The best thing to do would be to try the PlayStation Phone again or a "PlayStation Tablet".

A phone is just ultimate convenience, but they have to compete directly with Apple, Samsung, and other mobile manufactures which is going to be a losing battle.

That's why a PlayStation Tablet is the best idea. It's easier to sell, it has a bigger screen which is even better for gaming, it's a bigger device which allows more and more powerful tech to be stored inside, and competition is significantly less than in the smartphone market (with iPads being the main competition and Android tablets being spread more evenly).

If their "handheld" department continues it needs to be a PlayStation Tablet, with access to some kind of app store as well as a dedicated PlayStation Store App for PlayStation compatible games, with a big focus on GPU / RAM / and Memory, and reasonably priced $299 or less.

2017 / 2018

8-Core mobile CPU
32GB (wifi) / 64GB (4G)

$249 / $299

BenqMagician1276d ago

Sony needs too get google playstore support and sell it cheaper( doesn't hurt too put out commercials show casing the vita cheaper then the new 3ds).

gangsta_red1276d ago

No, they are going to focus on PS Now, why make another portable device?

BenqMagician1276d ago

No not make another just make say a ps vita mini for 179.99 Canadian with 4 inch screen, no back touch, have google playstore support, and micro sd card slot(but also include current vita memory card support).

gangsta_red1276d ago

Why not just get a regular Vita? They can't be more than $199. Then you can have all the bells and whistles plus PS Now.

I don't think a Vita Lite would sell well. They tried it with PSP Go, and that failed hard.

MeteorPanda1276d ago

Actually Gangsta the Psp Go was a huge experiment for that phone..

I however. loved my psp go. patapon was so good playing on it

badz1491276d ago

you guys don't really know the success of the PSP Go. the device itself might not sold so well but it succeeded with what it brings, which was digital distribution for games on consoles and distribution was on the PS3 too but not embraced well by gamers until PSP Go came out and successfully drove digital distribution forward. hence the Vita's and PS'4 heavy emphasize on digitally distributed contents to follow up the success of PSP Go.

SilentNegotiator1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

"No, they are going to focus on PS Now"

lol wtf are you basing that off of? Why do you think they're "focusing" on PS Now instead of/over a new handheld?

Scatpants1276d ago

PS Now is awesome on my Vita. I wish they would make a new vita with L2R2 L3R3 buttons. They could cut the back touch and add that and I would be happy.

gangsta_red1275d ago

"lol wtf are you basing that off of?"

Hmmmm...I don't know...maybe because Sony is pushing their service called PSNow and not the Vita!!

Why would they come out with a new handheld when they have invested in a streaming service that can play over all their tablets, TV's, PS3/PS4 and the Vita?

What would be the point in releasing a new dedicated gaming handheld when their current one isn't blowing up the market?

Travis37081276d ago

I hope not! we don't need another one.

killerluffy1231276d ago

For what ? No developers is going to support it , lmao

Travis37081276d ago

It's the truth guys! you can donvote all you want. We don't need another one! Let those exclusives go to the console. Nintendo needs to do the same thing, Just imagine the Wiiu with all of the 3DS exclusives + it's own?

Masterofwiiu3ds1276d ago

In all fairness, I kind of agree with you. I prefer playing games on my consoles. However, just because guys like you and me are like that doesn't mean that there's a huge market for handheld gaming. And to sustain that kind of market, there has to be exclusive content.

XiMasterChief1276d ago

Their is a difference. Nintendo 3ds actually sells while Vita doesn't.

BitbyDeath1276d ago

Remote Play and PSNow will take over handhelds.

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