Week recap: PS3 Firmware; Xbox 360 HD DVD; Wii No. 1

Punch Jump's Week Recap. Stories include:

Sony this week yanked PS3 Firmware 2.40 offline due to reports of hardware malfunction. The update was to offer in-game XMB access and a new Google search function.

Sales for the PS3 80GB MGS4 bundle increased upon restock at this week. Upon availability the item ranked back in the top 25 sales.

K-Mart stores this week discounted the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player to $5.00 to clear out inventory. The product debuted in 2006 for $199.99.

Harmonix and MTV Games this week announced that Rock Band 2 will debut exclusively on the Xbox 360. The title will be released to other platforms later this year.

Wii leaped back to the No. 1 sales position at Amazon this week upon restock. The product has held a sold out status at most U.S. retailers since launch.

Sales for Nintendo Co.'s Wii were second to Sony's PSP in the latest Japan charts. The Wii ranked No. 2 in overall hardware sales for the week.

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360degrees3731d ago

and I have never had any freezing issues, or any firmware update the HUGE 2.40 failure only occuring to other models of the PS3?...Also, $5 for an HD DVD Player is an incredibly great value, as you could probably pick up the player and a few movies for less than one Blu-Ray movie...I might just pick one up

DrWan3731d ago

yah 5 dollar is not a bad value, u can probably sell it out for more on ebay

RonDeMuerte3731d ago

Are you crazy??.....There's a reason why they're selling it at 5 dollars, and it's pretty much because it's worth sh!t to them, it's a dead format....ha! 5 bucks for an HD-DVD add on...that's a ripoff.......yeah you're getting a great deal on something that's not worth anything at all....

green3731d ago

How can you say that $5 for the HD-DVD add on is bad value.It,s amazing value considering the fact that it also functions as a DVD up scaler and will also add extra functionality to the 360 by providing a few extra USB ports.

If there was a deal like that in the UK i will be 1st inline to get one.I use me 360 as a DVD player so having the HD-DVD drive to upscale my movies and help in preserving the DVD drive of my 360 for 5pounds will be great.

Old Snake3731d ago

The failure isn't huge. It appears to be under 5%

Bazookajoe_833731d ago

I think one of 340 something experienced problem, it is way to much but it could have been alot worse..

Merritt3731d ago

The last I heard HD-DVD movies still look fantastic and are cheap. So why not get a $5 player and some cheap movies? It isn't like HD-DVD's don't work because they're discontinued. If you don't think it's a good deal RondeMuerte you're smoking crack.

I do like the the rum though...

uxo223731d ago

Man you pwned your self on that one. To think that spending 5 dollars for an HDDVD drive and can also upscale DVD's plus add additional functionality to your 360 is not at deal, just shows your blind fanboy hate for the 360. haha.

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-Maverick-3731d ago

Xbox 360 HD DVD

hahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahha ha

juuken3731d ago


dro3731d ago

a good week in gaming overall.looks like final fantasy on the psp is really helping the psp in japan.

Sayai jin3731d ago

Rockband 2 exclusive to Xbox?

green3731d ago

It's not exclusive to the 360 but it releases 1st on the 360 and later on in the year for both the Wii and PS3.

kazuma3731d ago

september 2008 for 360, ps2,ps3,wii later in the year, probably in christmas

Sayai jin3731d ago

Okay, I thought that quote was weird. How did I get a disagree for asking a question, of I forgot I am N4G.

jeffaustin903731d ago

I think this is a really smart move by EA, because it'll benefit them more than any one individual console maker. What's been the console that sells the most copies of Rock Band? The 360. It's smart to put that version out first, because a LOT of people (those with 360s) will want it, and they'll buy it immediately. Then, around Christmas time, the Wii/PS3 version comes out, which people will buy because the Wii has the largest potential user base AND because it's Christmas time, and parents/everyone will buy them as presents.

Had they released all versions in October, EA would have nothing HUGE for the Christmas rush, and had they released all versions near Christmas, they would have missed out on the opportunity to grab the easy sales of the 360 people. But what they're actually doing, it's win/win for EA. My respect for them just went up.

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dro3731d ago

i think it is a timed exlusive, a post came up a few days ago saying it.

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