SOE Confirms Possibility of Rewarding PlanetSide 2 PS4 Closed Beta Players

Full data wipe of all player data incoming after the beta, confirmed!

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one2thr975d ago

Ayyyy just got my code :)

Lawboy2974d ago

Yo I'm so hyped I've been waiting for this game for forever....just got my code...hurry up download

OutcastMosquito974d ago

How does one get a code? Random? I've been on PSN since 2009 and still nothing..

morganfell974d ago

You have to apply. My code came in yesterday and the just over 5GB DL took no time.


DragoonsScaleLegends974d ago

Wow if 5GB is nothing for you I'm jealous of your internet connection. It's taking 50 minutes for me on my $70 20mbps internet connection.

morganfell974d ago

I have a 50 down and it didn't really take that much time. It wasn't 5 minutes mind you but I started the Dl, opened some emails, poured an Allagash and before I realized it I was in game.

OculusRift974d ago

I signed up months ago and got my code yesterday look at five in the afternoon. The download is five gigs but it says the server is off-line

DragoonsScaleLegends974d ago

I received the code yesterday and I'm downloading right now.

OculusRift974d ago

$70 for 20mbps? Are you in the USA? It's $65 for 1gbps here in FL

Kingscorpion1981974d ago

Who's your Internet provider?

OculusRift974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

-edit- PMs. Out of bubs

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