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Avoiderdragon: After many years of waiting and having to make due with an old game and a different IP to sate the craving for what the people had been wanting all this time, the much-awaited sequel to the franchise that put Daisuke Ishiwatari on the map has finally come out. As it is a fighting game, it won’t be easy to properly assess in its entirety, especially since it has expectations and a legacy to live up to. For what its worth after that long gap, this game fulfills its purpose quite well.

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Kurt Russell1151d ago

Is this coming to the EU? OR the UK more specifically ;)

I want...

VTKC1151d ago

I saw this game in a shop, to my surprise it was a US version of the game when I picked it up to have a look at it. However I did not buy it as I am short on money