Scalebound Is a Mystery No Longer

CheatCC says - "[ Disclaimer: This article features speculation. Its title is not its original. ]

Scalebound’s game director, Hideki Kamiya, revealed a few weeks ago that the Xbox One exclusive is currently under “intensive development.” While there is additional information that’s currently known about the game, it’s still unknown at this time precisely what gamers will be getting into with the fantasy title. I originally started out this article with the thought of Scalebound possibly containing some similarities to Monster Hunter, but that hypothesis has since been debunked by Microsoft’s development manager Ken Lobb. Upon reflection, the notion of Scalebound being similar to Monster Hunter purely because the game featured dragons and a large hydra in its announcement trailer is really reductive, so a comparison between the two on that basis alone would be silly (in my opinion)."

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Satyre281340d ago

This in my opinion could be HUGEE for the X1. Kamiya is a mastermind, i have pretty much no doubt that this will be an amazing game. Hoping for a 2015 release! I mean who doesnt like Dragons????

christocolus1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Nice.very interesting.the hype surrounding this game is gradually building up. all we need now is the gameplay unveiling.

MS/Platinum kindly show us something..a short teaser? a trailer?anything will do at this point. friends and i really want to see this game.

ScorpiusX1340d ago

Day one buy , hoping for a 2015 release.

gangsta_red1340d ago

That was a LOT of speculation! I am hoping for an open world, multi-player, dragon riding fun adventure with action and fighting that's on par or surpasses Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.

Kingdomcome2471340d ago

I'll probably be laughed at, but this slightly reminds me of The Last Guardian in that it appears you'll have this growing necessary bond between yourself and a large creature. I'm dying for a gameplay reveal.

itsmebryan1340d ago

It will be totally different because it will actually come out in a timely manner. ;-)

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