Free Serperior Pokemon For 3DS From Nintendo

This week the official Pokemon website has started giving players of the Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire games a free Serperior to download via a special code. All you need to do to pick up this awesome rare Pokemon is...

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JoeIsMad1150d ago

YES! Now it's even easier to catch them all!

JoeIsMad1150d ago

There's no way I'm catching all those. 151 was enough for me...

Magnus7011150d ago

There are only 151 Pokemon in my heart

GokuSolosAll1149d ago

Stopped caring at 251. Still cool but its glory days are past.

JoeIsMad1149d ago

I agree that I've stopped caring about 'catching them all', but when the game sells something like 6 million on launch day, it's obviously not past its glory days.

crusf1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Why are you here then? You cared enough to move your hands to type up this ridiculous comment.

MasterCornholio1149d ago

Wow an I just finished the 3rd GYM and now all of a sudden I get a level 50.

I'll just use the Pokemon when I want to get through low level areas quickly. I still want to level up the rest of my party.