Minecraft leak wasn't company's fault, Microsoft says

CNET writes: The leak of more than 1,800 e-mails and passwords of Minecraft users wasn't the result of a hack, Microsoft said Wednesday.

Microsoft, which now owns the Minecraft franchise after acquiring game developer Mojang in November, told CNET on Wednesday that there is no evidence the service was compromised and noted that it has already reset passwords for the affected addresses.

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MasterCornholio1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )



Well at least they found out quickly.

Kivespussi1341d ago

Fuzz over nothing I suppose. Minecraft has sold some what, 50+ million copies? If there was mere thousands leaked it most likely was a result of phishing over some time.

And people like to blame companies from everything. I work at a bank and occasionally hear about people complaining about their money being stolen. Not once has it been the banks fault, they have themselves actually given the credit card info to a fraud site. 99% of the time it's phishing, the remaining 1% is spyware. Which amazes me how on earth are people getting spyware on their PCs when these days you have to pass multiple warning signs before anything serious can happen.

People are stupid

ifistbrowni1341d ago

"complaining about their money being stolen"

Their money is getting stolen if they're victims of Fraudulent charges. Unless you meant that they accuse the bank of stealing their money.

Kivespussi1340d ago

Uhh, I meant that people often blame the person answering the phone and the bank in general instead of admitting it's their own fault. Of course people are going to call the bank after that happens but a lot of customers are just plain rude. Should have been more clear. Oh well, better just suck up those disagrees. I deserved them :(