Colorware creates 24-carat gold Xbox and PlayStation controllers

Just when you thought you’d seen it all in terms of gaming luxury when Colorware started offering Xbox One paint jobs, the customisation website has now released a set of glittering gold controllers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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FromTheAshes1270d ago

Not going to lie, if I had the disposable income I'd "games with gold".

Moldiver1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Waste of money. I prefer to wear gold ( Preferably white gold). for $299 I would rather buy a couple pairs of levis and some air max 1s with that money, seeing as I already own a PS4 and XB1.


Haha! I hear ya! getting my sleeve done later this year, before I go on holiday ( a month in miami! woop!) . Not quite sure on the final design yet. but time is ticking!

Hysteria941270d ago

Opinions vary with this , if I had Disposable income I wouldn't buy either hahaha , all I would get is more tattoos

Bathyj1270d ago

Shouldnt they clarify whether this just Gold coloured, or actually made of gold? Could be misleading.

Moldiver1270d ago

its got to be gold plated, for that price. Too expensive to just be gold spray. If they were made of solid gold they would probably cost even more. personally I prefer camo controllers ( got an urban camo PS4 and midnight forces camo XB1 pad). makes my controller feel more weapon like. my tools of pwnage and destruction!

Clunkyd1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

An ounce of 24k gold is $1,300+ so something is not right here.

Bathyj1270d ago

Thats what I'm saying. Its gold paint, or at least a gold coloured metal plate (I assume). Its not gold (Again, assuming).

If so this is misleading.

Besides, would you want real gold. Its very soft material and would not wear well.

blakstarz1270d ago

If anything it's probably gold plated, I seriously doubt that its 24k solid gold.

1269d ago
Clunkyd1269d ago


There's always that guy that thinks he knows what he is talking about because you did some BS research.

It's not that simple. It could also be 24K gold "finish" meaning that it has the texture and look of actual gold.

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WheatBread1270d ago

I'm seriously considering one.

TheOnlyMastrx1269d ago

Wow a glow in the dark one is $199. You could make some money doing custom colors. The gold is likely 24k gold flakes in a clear paint or something sprayed over the outside.