The Wii U and Third Parties: The Mistakes and The New Beginnings

The Wii U is generally left out of most of the talk when it comes down to big mutliplatform titles. Even so, while Nintendo consoles usually get that sort of treatment - the Big N has been carefully building new bridges and have set a course for what looks to be a bright future where Nintendo's legendary IPs and third-party gems co-exist once more.

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kakashi811340d ago

I feel Nintendo need new or better sdk's, because clearly Nintendo is just leaving it up to developers how to figure the system out. I maybe wrong but I hope Nintendo isn't doing this!

wonderfulmonkeyman1340d ago

Is this about third party games outside of multiplats, too?
Or is it referring solely to "gems" of the multiplat variety?

If it's the latter, then I've said it before, and I'll say it again;

Multiplats won't be big sellers on Nintendo systems until third parties do something to make those versions stand out amongst the crowd.

Think about it; if the Wii U was on-par with the PS4 and XBone, does anyone here honestly think that anyone who's grown used to buying their multiplats on other systems would actually switch to a Wii U for those games, let alone double-dip on two different systems, for the exact same game?

I mean, seriously?

I don't believe for an instant that they would.

Brand loyalty, and three or more generations of buyers habits, would take over, and the Wii U would be passed over for multiplats just like it's being now, if those multiplats didn't do anything different from the other versions on the other two consoles.

And the same will likely be true for the Wii U's successor as well; the extra power isn't going to change anything.

The only way things will change, is if third parties start putting Nintendo-focused content in the Nintendo-console versions of their multiplats.
The fan base on Nintendo consoles have been ignored too long to flock to them en masse any other way; third parties NEED to take that extra step.

And if they don't want to?
Then Nintendo's on its own, like it has been for the past few generations running, and the only way third parties will see some cash from the system is through exclusives and collaborations.

Nintendo's made its mistakes with third parties, and third parties likewise have made mistakes towards Nintendo.
But nothing changes going forward without some hard commitment, from third parties, towards making their games appealing to an audience they've been ignoring for a long time...
They need to regain TRUST from the Nintendo fanbase if they want sales on their systems, and once THAT happens, who knows; maybe some people will see that extra content and decide to give those multiplats a shot outside of their usual choice of console.

DryBoneKoopa851340d ago

Well said! Bubble up for you bud!

Metallox1340d ago

"Multiplats won't be big sellers on Nintendo systems until third parties do something to make those versions stand out amongst the crowd."

So Nintendo doesn't have anything to do? The company needs to change some things a bit, beginning with the online infrastucture of its platforms, making attractive hardware, to improving third party relationships. Unfortunately, external publishers aren't the only guilty here, Nintendo has to give something in order to be on par with Sony and Microsoft.

That being said, I still agree with you, games won't sell on Nintendo consoles when they run at 20 fps (Watch Dogs) either.

wonderfulmonkeyman1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Nintendo's biggest issue right now is its advertisement efforts, honestly.
Their naming sense, especially, needs some huge adjustments, if they're going to regain the kind of traction they desire.
For instance, the New 3DS.
Why NEW?
I mean, yeah, direct and to the point, but it's almost as bad as the U in Wii U; it doesn't really differentiate as well as a word like "Super" or "Ultra", or even the number "2", does.
Using words that perfectly clarify a system as a successor should have been a priority over everything else.
The Ultra 3DS would have been cheezy, but it would have rolled off the tongue much more easily than "New 3DS" does, ya know?
Then there's their lack of main-stream advertisement on an often basis...

But I digress, so moving on.

We've seen proof, through the efforts of people like Platinum and Monolith, that beautiful games can be made on the current amount of power the system has.
It's true that more power would be nice, but if third parties really truly wanted to make great games on the system, it's got the power to handle it, and I can think of two or three multiplats that they could have brought to the Wii U already since they also scaled them back for even weaker systems.[Destiny and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, just to name a couple]

At this point, better advertisement is the only other thing they can actually give, unless they wanna make the mistake of money-hatting every last one of them, paying all the dev fees for every multiplat that comes to them from now on, and basically killing themselves financially for the sake of third parties which haven't really given any ****s about Nintendo in the recent past...
Giving them "better hardware" would require abandoning the Wii U early, so that's something that will have to wait till next gen.
And I think I've already put out my opinion on how much good having "better hardware" is going to do, without trust to back it up...

The harsh truth is that Nintendo can't fix the trust issues between Nintendo's fans and third party multiplats on Nintendo's systems.
That's on third parties, because Nintendo doesn't control their games, or the content therein...

Now, if third parties started getting into talks with Nintendo regarding collaborative DLC packs utilizing assets from Nintendo's franchises, I think they'd have a way of getting their foot in the door.

theizzzeee1340d ago

I partial disagree with you. I think there are a few key reasons Nintendo multiplatform games don't sell as well.I think the main reason is quality and content. If, most games performed close to the standards of the current gen competitors sales would improve a lot. My next reason relates to the last one. Many homes are multi console households. So many Wii U owners do buy third party games just for another system. This mainly has to do with the lack of quality and content for multiplatform Wii U games. Folks do not have much brand loyalty...

AKR1340d ago

One of the best comments I've seen on this site. Bubble up, bro!

superchiller1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

As usual, your wall-of-text posts are always damage control for Nintendo's substandard products. Instead of acknowledging the real reason for the Wii U's poor sales, you point fingers at 3rd party developers for not using the gimmicky gamepad, or not getting better performance out of inadequate hardware.

Take all your excuses and damage control away, and all that remains is the cold hard truth: the Wii U design simply falls way short, leaving out commonly expected features and gimping the base console specs.

If Nintendo wanted better support from 3rd parties, and better sales for the Wii U, they should have done a much better job designing the console itself, and given it much better specs/features. Instead, they once again opted for a gimmick to reel people in, and that gimmick alone is the reason for the Wii U's failure. Far too little resources were put into the console itself due to the high cost of the gamepad gimmick, and the result is a console that simply cannot handle current gen games, at all.

wonderfulmonkeyman1340d ago

Just shut up, Chiller.
Your trolling and uninformed bullshit has no place in any logical discussion.
We all know you hate Nintendo.
Get back under the bridge with the rest of the slime.

marloc_x1340d ago

Any predictions for 2014 forth quarter financials schiller?

tlougotg1340d ago


Real gamers know the deal. This all falls on Nintendo and their gimmicky bs and making crap hardware. Nintendo is one of the few devs that rely on cutesy, non taxing, graphics to push their games and they cover up their hardware deficiency by doing so. People say "well Nintendo is making 60fps games, some at 1080p" lol have you looked at the type of games?All non realistic, all with cartoony Nintendo trademark and none super taxing on hardware its a design choice they make because they know their hardware cant keep up with the more realistic style games like Sony and Microsoft put up. So what happens? These third party devs are having to water down their games to try to fit into Wiiu hardware and you get a terrible version that doesnt sell or look really good and at a huge cost because of development time by the devs.

This is all on Nintendo sorry to say.

superchiller1340d ago


The Truth hurts, doesn't it? Apparently I struck a nerve and, instead of trying to address the facts I laid out, you resorted to an immature personal attack. Proof that you have no rational response to my statements, and all your rambling posts here on N4G are nothing more than damage control to shore up a failed piece of hardware, from a company that lost its way a long time ago.

Very sad!

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kakashi811340d ago

They needed to utilize the game pad for extra features! Of course people will buy it.

Metallox1340d ago

I still think Nintendo can offer us third party collaborations from the West. Sonic, Devil's Third, Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 are all IPs created/owned by Japanese companies. LEGO City Undercover isn't bad, but something more ambitious wouldn't hurt anyone.

I'm not saying they should do this on Wii U, but it must happen on their next console. They have already done this, anyway, during the GameCube era.

Concertoine1340d ago

Yeah. With the gamecube, they went after big names in the west like Star Wars and Resident Evil, and it proved at least marginally more successful.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1340d ago

The Wonderful 101 is second party not third.

WizzroSupreme1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

The Wii U being a third-party machine was never the mistake – it was simply being a late-comer to the game, playing old, multi platform third-party games people could play on a PS3 Super Slim that same year for $70 less in 2012.

The system also came out with nothing but Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U as its mascot franchises and the same year that the 3DS got New Super Mario Bros. 2. Bad timing and haphazard catering to third-party devs sunk it initially. The Wii U's realizing what company made it, and that's nothing but a good thing.

Zelda, Metroid, and Animal Crossing are the last big console games they can release for the system, and we're getting one of them for sure and a Star Fox thrown in for fun. I'm optimistic for the Wii U's future. Say what you will about it, but it's beginning to feel like a Nintendo console now.

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