$884 High Graphics Gaming PC Build with GTX 960 – January, 2015

GamersNexus: "This gaming PC build for under $1000 makes use of the new GTX 960, targeting 60FPS at high settings for most games. Our full GTX 960 review and benchmarks can be found over here, though some are embedded below."

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MMOBytes1185d ago

Nvidia: "Given sufficient cooling, that aforementioned 60% improvement over the GTX 660 can easily reach 80%, increasing frame rates significantly in every game for free." - Reviews are showing 5-10fps difference. :/

HaveAsandwich1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

It's a decent card for the price, but 1080p 60fps @ high? Probably not for too long. Can't run unity well on low (though not many cards can), FC4 isn't 60 fps, but its darn close. I'd save. May get 60fps on BF4 on high, but I'm thinking not steadily.

zerog1185d ago

I'm looking to build a rig but I'm on a budget so what I'm looking at is an AMD FX 8350, 8GB DDR3 1866 and a radeon r9 290. Can anybody give me an idea of what kind of performance to expect out of that?

impet251185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

You should be able to hi ultra every game but at that budget range I would go for a gtx 970 best bang for the buck atm.

zerog1185d ago

Thanks. I looked at the gtx but the 290 seemed more affordable for my purposes. What I'm building is a pc to run 3D CAD but I figure if I'm going to spend the money I may as well have something that I can game on too if I want. It looks like I can do the build I listed along witha tower, power supply, mother board, blu ray, hdd, a few extra fans and windows for about $700-750.

Sarcasm1184d ago

IMO you should go with an intel set up and get at least an i5 for gaming. I'm not biased to intel, but there is a lot of data that supports that most games run better on intel chips.

BongSmack1185d ago

High graphics with a midrange graphics card? Maybe if your playing older games.

Qrphe1185d ago

I'd recommend to never ever get a "budget build" since they don't seem to last for too long, this is specially true if you get it right before a new generation starts (this doesn't apply anymore of course)