Your A to Z Guide to the '90s Raddest Gaming Mascots

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Trying to describe radness feels like describing color to the blind. It cannot be taught, it must be experienced. Just look at Mullet Jr. up there. What words exist to describe his state of being? If forced to give an answer on the nature of radness, I'd say it's both crass and loud, but also unrestricted and a lot of fun.

Today, radness in popular culture has fallen by the wayside, replaced by sleek, simple elegance. But turn back the clock a decade or two, and you will find a multimedia landscape obsessed with all things "raw" and "edgy." For the intrepid gamer, this mindset created a whole slew of bizarre gaming mascots all vying for your parents' money. Some had smart, creative designs that have endured to this day - but most were just total crap. Here are the best and worst from that bygone age.

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Relientk771219d ago

Sadly, Spyro the Dragon is not on the list.

gangsta_red1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Michaelangelo, Queen of Blades a gaming mascot?

This list is seriously reaching.

Jonny5isalive1219d ago

bubsy, gex and cool spot are totally rad, so is sonic.

INTOmyMOUTH1219d ago

I refuse to read anything on games radar but this list must have vectro man.