Extremely Limited 'Far Cry 4 Kyrat Limited Edition' Goes Up For Sale

We all like to have things no one else has and if you jump quick you can have one of only 200 available copies of this very limited edition from the folks at Ubi Workshop.

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-Foxtrot1272d ago

Wonder how long it is before the Assassins Creed Unity collectors edition goes up for sale.

Killz4Twinkies1272d ago

I mean at least Far Cry is a legit game..

-Foxtrot1272d ago

Yeah but if Unitys CE goes from £119.99 to like £40-50 then at least of it does suck your getting a shit load of goodies

mixelon1272d ago

I have the not so special but still ridiculous edition with the statue, map, poster, giant box, DLC code, notebook.. For some reason Amazon UK were selling this set cheaper than Uplay had the digital download standard edition. That was v weird.

It uses up a lot of space. :/

RosweeSon1272d ago

So the orginal Linited Kyrat edition is now worth? Sucks for people who bought that one.

Zjet1271d ago

In New Zealand we just get excess amounts of special can find stacks of these everywhere...and eventually they will go dirt cheap. Retailers set pricing in New Zealand not the company