Gamersyde: New Naruto PS3 Gameplay Footage

A new gameplay video of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is now available on Gamersyde.

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unrealgamer583730d ago

who would win nine tailed naruto or kakashi i mean kakashi is good but lets say naruto did kyuubi rasengan for real

Mainman3730d ago

What kind of game is this? Street fighter type 1 vs 1 fights?
Or Ninja Gaiden type 1 vs many types with boss fights?

RocketRaiders3730d ago

It is a hocus pocus of all those games. It is fast paced and fun

incogneato3730d ago

everyone please email [email protected]

and tell them you demand to get online multiplayer for this Naruto game!!! they are not going to include it! this amazing game will be worthless without online multiplayer! everyone do it and spread the word please. myself and many other people will not buy this game without it.

inb4 pessimist morons that say "lol theyll never listen to u"

sumfood4u3730d ago

This looks so real i bet it feels as real as watching the anime Believe It! Worth playing an when i get bored of this back on naruto UN3 no loss in my books This game is going to make things happen!

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unrealgamer583730d ago

i think its scene selection like dragon ball z tenkaichi

cotter3730d ago

I love the anime well I love all the anime lol.

RocketRaiders3730d ago

i am getting this on day 1. i had baruto x360. It was good too but a little sluggish

morganfell3730d ago

Well I have been playing the demo on PS3 and there is no sluggishness whatsoever. It moves and handles at a very fast pace.

chewmystink3730d ago

I think this is going to be very popular, especially for our Japanese friends.
Been playing the demo due to I paid for the Core subscription, 500 meg demo download and believe next week the demo is available on the store.
Includes 2 characters to play , I am amazed at the graphics and overall appeal of this game as I generally don't go for any anime fighter type games.
Think it will top some sales charts, well thats my opinion.

Nitrowolf23730d ago

i def seeingtoping the japanese sales
This game looks amazing
im def going to buy it
any possible release date?

DFresh3730d ago

I just downloaded and played the demo from the 2nd Episode of Qore and I'm digging the game very much.
Haven't been paying attention to Naruto but after playing this game demo it looks to me like I need to buy this game and read the comics more.

jacaranda3730d ago

It's not a comic it is manga

Timesplitter143730d ago

manga = japanese comic

stop your weaboo

morganfell3730d ago

As stated above, manga is a Japanese comic. Naruto began as and continues as a manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It simply has an anime adaptation.

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The story is too old to be commented.