The Order: 1886 - Take a (Much) Closer Look at the Ultra-Limited "Blacksight" Edition Statue

The Premium Edition of The Order: 1886 will come with the "Endless Duel" statue showcasing Galahad and a lycan pitched against each other in a fight to the death, but there's also an ultra-limited metallic version dubbed "Blacksight" edition, of which less than 100 pieces have been made.

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-Foxtrot1275d ago

Ridiculous how us in the UK are paying more for our edition yet get less.

No statue, no steel, no artbook

Abriael1275d ago

And prices in pounds, which normally is a killer (even if better than Euros, I guess).

Lilrizky1275d ago

Same as Aus

Do what im doing

Order the collectors from Amazon,

Buy it day 1 from gamestop or wherever finish it, return it within 7 days and put it towards another preorder

(for me its the batmobile edition)

TheOpenWorlder1275d ago

I can see why only 100 are looks fking awful

Ultr1275d ago

What are you lookin at? :P
Looks awesome

TheOpenWorlder1275d ago all-grey statue. What a big pile of sh...I mean win. LOL

Speak_da_Truth1275d ago

When I started reading the title, I thought it was another hate article but that statue looks sick.

billybehr1275d ago

I entered to win it. Why not? I've had luck in the past with contests.