PS4 or Xbox One: Who's Winning 2015

PYB: The year 2014 was an incredible year for gaming. We witnessed the first full year of the current-gen game consoles. The PlayStation 4 ends the year scoring sales of over 18 million units, while the Xbox One remained a defiant competitor. Is it Sony's year again?

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joyride911273d ago

i think its tough to call. Sony had a great year with the PS4. but the Xbox One has enough exclusives to take on the PS4. Awesome photo. Street Fighter V is a surprise exclusive on the PS4, it could give Sony the edge. Its going to go down the wire in 2015.

FITgamer1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

It's just going to be a repeat of 2014. Possibly even better for PS4 considering it has much bigger and more exclusives releasing this year than 2014.

Leaguer1273d ago

One is at 18 M the other is barely 10 M..i dunno, doesnt really take that much to figure out, right?

BiggerBoss1273d ago

The Ps4 games releasing this year appeal more to me, but its not like the Xbox One has a shortage of games. With TR, QB, and Halo 5, I'm sure that anyone who owns an xbox will not be disappointed.

BitbyDeath1273d ago

Agreed, same as last year. Sony has games all year round. Xbox packs them all in at Christmas.

Double Toasted1273d ago

Some people are still waiting.

Cindy-rella1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Has anyone seen the order 1886 new trailer?

Weird question. First of all,what is considered winning, sales, more exclusive titles? I know that sony has a lot more exclusive titles lined up so its all about what winning means to a person. Ps4 has a lot more sales so its a weird question

With ps now and ps share feature i dont see any other gaming system has good as sony at the moment.

donthate1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

On the PS4, other than Bloodborne and SFV which will eventually release as a super duper x edition on Xbox One, there isn't much for me.

However, Xbox One has Halo 5, Quantum Break, Ori, Tomb Raider, Fable Legends and more, so I think Xbox One will get my time and money.

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mcstorm1273d ago

Ide say gamers are the winners. It all depends on what games you are into though. For me the Xbox one and WiiU had more games I wanted last year and in 2015 its the same at the moment. This is not because I think the ps4, 3ds or psv are bad consoles just the games I'm into more are on these consoles. That said we are only in January and when UC4, GT and GOW come out on the ps4 ill be picking one up and completing my console collection.

No matter what is your console of choice that is the right choice as they are all great consoles for different reasons.

VforVideogames1273d ago

I'ts Trolling Time!!!!!!!!!!

mcstorm1273d ago

@VforVideogames how am I trolling try reading without having blinkers on. Gamers are the winners as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all making great games but it all depends on what type of games you are into to what console you should get at the moment. It really is that simple feel sorry it had to be explained to you.

Letthewookiewin1273d ago

No Sony has MS in a headlock.

greenlantern28141273d ago

The winner will be people like me who own all 3 systems. Sales wise I don't see PS4 lossing the world wide sales lead any time soon.

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ainTgoTTime2bleed1273d ago

Wat?...Whatcha talkin' about?..That soon is gonna change,
Haven't you heard?...DX12SZ, Improved cloudssz, and Holololenssz will melt the PS4....

skydragoonity1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Oh this one's easy. PS4. Its clear as daylight

Kingdomcome2471273d ago

Lol. On newsstands now. "PS4 vs. Xbox One Who Won January 22'nd."
Anything to drum up clicks.