Kojima and the theory of everything

Michael Abbott reports:

''Playing MGS4 is like being on a boat at sea tossed around by a storm. It's by turns exhilarating, disorienting, awe-inspiring, and overwhelming. Occasionally you're tempted to jump off the boat. And more than once you wish the captain would just stop talking and steer the vessel to shore. Or let me steer it.

I finally finished Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots yesterday, and I've been sorting through my thoughts about it ever since. Never in my gaming life have I felt so thoroughly confounded by a game. In these situations my training kicks in, and I begin to think about design and structure and dramaturgy - handy ways to analyze how narrative stuff is built. These tools aren't perfect, especially when narrative video games veer off the lit-crit path, but they can be helpful when you're trying to grab hold of a beast the size of MGS4.''

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PimpHandHappy3663d ago

for this masterpiece of eltronic entertainment!

You are a true master of the art

We Sony fans are lucky enough to have seen your talents and we are in awe of you!

ok ok ok
im done kissing his butt

thanks for the best video game i have ever played! Its been a great ride

StormSoldier3663d ago

haha sry but i had to. j/k tho good game cant even compare anything else with this "yet".

PimpHandHappy3663d ago

dont you dare say anything bad about PS3

or else

ThatCanadianGuy3663d ago

Best game i've ever played.Regardless of what anyone else says.
It's the only game that actually made me cry.Like a little girl.

clintos593663d ago

I am about to play it on extreme and try an claim the title, "Big Boss" but I have been having so much fun on MGO. Despite what alot of people say about MGO, I find it much more challenging then COD4 and Halo 3, Gear, and Battlefield. Seriously it feels like the ninja gaiden of online multiplayer where it is hard to just jump in and be good at it. I can totally understand why alot of people wouldnt like MGO just for the fact that I know these people complaining are totally getting there a$$es owned in MGO, which I found out aswell when first jumping into the beta, but even now, there are guys real good that u have to really practise to get with these guys on the same level. But like they say, the more challenging competitors u play against, the better u will improve your game. I amfinally starting to get the head shots down but I am currently practising to be a pistol master at head shots. Its so damn fun shooting some1 with one bullet with a pistol and seeing them drop and after the game people giving u props for doing well using a pistol. MGO is very challenging online but once u get into the groove it is one of the funnest online games to play. I seriously love it more then cod4, and battlefield which I just bought battlefield aswell but am so addicted to MGO I think battlefield will have to wait another month or so.