Gamervision reviews Hail To The Chimp

Gamervision reports:

''With America nearing another presidential election the country is gearing up for the typical mudslinging that precedes the actual vote. Comedians are preparing for a few months of easy jokes, and Wideload Games has decided that it was the perfect time to release a satirical comedy based on the electoral process. The product they created, Hail to the Chimp, promised to take on the process in a fun, sarcastic way. Since the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are short on party games (as opposed to the Wii, which is drowning in them), the game was set in a nice position to become to game of choice for gamers hoping to bring some laughter to their friendly battles.

Hail to the Chimp's tongue has nearly bore a hole in its cheek, and the game relies too heavily on the novelty of a chimpanzee shoving clams into a ballot box for its own good. There's a good chance that you might laugh the first time the announcer says that you must avoid the "Political Minefield" or escape the "Cloud of Controversy," but the gameplay modes are all far too similar for the laughter to be more than a temporary distraction from the game's many faults.''

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