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Veryangryxbot3573d ago

Watching this trailers brings back old memories. Ah Chrono Trigger. One of my favs.

Think Ill just dust of my old SNES again.

Bob Dole3573d ago

Bob Dole wishes he had that game for his SNES. Oh well. He still has super-punchout and Zelda... and starfox. Can't forget that one.

MADGameR3573d ago

I don't see nothing new there. Samething, different game hardware. I think Chrono Trigger would be best if it was re-made on the PS3. PS3 is the perfect machine for such an awesome game...just image how many things they can put on that game!

PistolPumptMonk3573d ago

Don't screw up my childhood... Pleeeease don't screw up my childhood...

FreeMonk3573d ago

it's a shame that Square-Enix are just, from what the trailer looks like, porting the Snes version over the DS.

Surely they could of made it into 3D like the Fan-made Chrono Trigger project that they put a halt to. It's obviously why they did that now!!

Oh well, it's better than nothing I suppose!!

SixTwoTwo3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

It looks like its a port rather than a remake. I hope I'm wrong.

Skerj3573d ago

That music is timeless (hehehe), have all the soundtracks and the Brink of Time arranged album and it never gets old. What happened to instantly memorable RPG music like that?

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The story is too old to be commented.