Sony Bend’s New PS4 Game Isn’t Syphon Filter According to Former Employee; Provides More Information

Many have been wondering about the game Sony Bend has been working on in the past few years. It was teased at the launch ceremony of the PS4, and the only things we know is that it's for Sony's new console and that it's being developer in Unreal Engine 4.

Many have been hoping a return for to Syphon Filter, that brought the studio to fame when it still was named Eidetic, but according to Reddit user athey, who mentions having worked at the studio for 8 years (and who appears to be former Sony Bend Artist Athey Moravetz), the new game definitely isn’t part of the old and glorious PlayStation franchise.

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Relientk771304d ago

Well that sucks even though it was hinted at before

would love Syphon Filter PS4 with the taser

Abriael1304d ago

Me too, but looks like it wasn't to be.

NewMonday1304d ago

months ago the rumor was it's going to be a non-zombie horror action game, from Tidux or Shinobi

DarkOcelet1304d ago

Its a shame, i would have loved to play Syphon Filter on current gen, but oh well, another horror game is always welcomed, i love how horror games is being announced like every month now.

SoapShoes1304d ago

I would too but I would love a Resistance 4.

Denny_Crane1304d ago

Definitely need a resistance 4. The resistance games was some of the best games on ps3 next to uncharted series.

FITgamer1304d ago

As a kid i would sit there for hours cracking up watching enemies convulsing and then burst into flames. You could pretty much snipe with that thing lol.

spacedelete1304d ago

a new Syphon Filter game has been rumored every year ever since 2007.

Muzikguy1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Preorder cancelled!
I sure hope one is in the works somewhere though, I loved those games!!

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4theplayers1304d ago

I want a Open World Horror TPSRPG.

1304d ago
playstation4epic1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )


SoapShoes1304d ago

Screw open world, I hate being an errand boy with point a to point b missions that are tedious and boring. I want a masterfully crafted world with great level design and puzzles.

Bathyj1304d ago

Why does no one else get this?

I like a good open world game as much as anyone, but the missions are all pretty much point A to point B, maybe detouring through point C.

Its just a collection of fetch quests that can never have the story or pacing of a tightly scripted action/adventure game.

Theres room for both, but people need to stop insisting everything is open world.

Muzikguy1304d ago

No thanks. We have some open world games already and that's enough. Also what does TPSRPG mean? There's so many acronyms nowadays why even bother spelling out words I guess. Let's all just write with the first letter from now on :P
SG2YM = sound good to you man?

Lol I'm just messin

@soap & bathyj
YES! I completely agree!! It's like every generation people go rampant for one single style of game and want all games to be just like that. This gen it seems to be open world. I'll admit that there are some that I've liked, but I don't want every game to be open world. They really do get tedious and boring after awhile. I never replay them either after beating them (that means to start from square one)

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Walker1304d ago

No, no no no HELL NO i want new Syphon Filter as hell

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1304d ago

Boooooooooooooooooooooo ! Oh well.

WeAreLegion1304d ago

I was in that Reddit post, as well.

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