The New Fire Emblem Should Make Permadeath More Appealing

GeekParty writes: "For over twenty years, permanent death was an essential part of the Fire Emblem experience. Your units had to live and die by your choices, and if you screwed up, they would pay the price. Countless players wept as beloved characters fell in battle, while countless more hit the reset button in frustration."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1342d ago

I'm the type that doesn't like seeing all his hard work go straight down the crapper with one bad move. I form emotional attachments to these characters because it's a part of the immersive process for me. It makes the game more interesting, and when all that work has to be repeated because I don't want to lose the ones I've grown attached to, that just becomes a frustration factor that makes me want to quit playing.

Being forced to play in a mode where there's no way to revive those that are lost, outside of doing hours of work all over again, in order to gain something I can't get any other way, feels like I'm being cheated out of a reward simply for caring enough about my party members to want to play in a mode where they aren't at risk of being permanently destroyed.

So here's a better idea;

Rather than forcing a reward like that to be linked into permadeath mode, why not make it a reward that can be earned for keeping your units alive regardless of mode?

That way the opportunity is there for both types of players, but you've got to pay attention to your friendlies regardless of whether they can die or not if you want the best possible rewards out of it.

The only difference would be that, in Casual mode, if you screwed up and someone got knocked out, you'd only be missing out on the extra incentive reward, rather than missing out on the reward AND losing a precious team-mate, whereas in the hard-core mode, the double-negative is a double-incentive in and of itself that stands present for those that prefer that kind of risk.