6.5 The Bourne Conspiracy Review

In many cases in life, judging something by the first five minutes of the experience is a good way of gauging the quality of said item. You're probably doing it to this review without even thinking, and you almost certainly do it with every person you meet, and in this example, every game you play. Often you're lucky enough to find that initially the game doesn't seem as good as it eventually turns out to be. Unfortunately, in The Bourne Conspiracy's case, it seems much, much cooler in the first five minutes, than it actually is.

The game starts out much like the first film with you as Jason Bourne floating in the sea shortly after your failed mission to assassinate the African tyrant, Wombosi. However, this game is no retelling of the film; instead it switches between key memorable scenes from the first film and explains parts of Bourne's career that haven't featured in films previously. For fans of the series, this game is already a success. For gamers...well the jury is still out.

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