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GamesNosh: Without question, the Captain Toad segments in Super Mario 3D World were one of the game’s unparalleled highlights. In lieu of the classic Mario platforming, these segments dropped players into thoughtful puzzle sequences that could be mistaken as a stand-alone game mixed with the regular levels. It’s no surprise that on occasions the Captain would be praised more so than World’s four main stars. It was even less a surprise come E3 last year during their Digital Event when Nintendo announced Captain Toad would be its own stand-alone title under the sub-heading, Treasure Tracker. The game is certainly not one of brisk contrast or even deviation from 3D World’s root mechanics. This still, when it comes down to it, belongs to the Mario franchise. The question is whether or not this spin-off is in fact worth warranting the expansion to fully-fledged game, but furthermore whether it justifies that all-important investment of time and money.

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