Gorgeous 'Next-Gen Survival' Trailer Released for Dying Light

Hardcore Gamer: While some might scoff at the idea of yet another zombie game, the latest trailer for this fast paced game shows that you’ll at least have some insane visuals to look forward to.

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SaveFerris1302d ago

Guess I'll have to wait a bit until my copy arrives. How long is the delay meant to be for?

MSpence5161302d ago

Got mine pre downloaded. Can't wait til Monday night.

GearSkiN1302d ago

Sucks about digital is that you can't sell it, I'm tempted to get it digital since I travel

LamerTamer1302d ago

Also the DRM and the fact that If you need to re-install it takes very long. That is if you can re-install, eventually these games will be taken down and you will lose access to your game. You are basically handing over control of your game library to a third party. No thanks.

If they allowed you to back up the game file (it only works on your account anyway so no piracy) then I might be for digital. Until then physical still for me.

MSpence5161302d ago

I don't sell my games and have a large external hard drive. I like being able to bounce from game to game without having move. Lazy 'murican here.

Meltic1302d ago

which website did u download it from ?

MSpence5161302d ago

I'm a console gamer. Xbox one.