Japanese version of 'Sonic Boom' turns Shadow the Hedgehog into an android

Footage of the Japanese version of "Sonic Boom" applying a weird robotic voice filter to one if its starring characters surfaced Thursday, leaving many to wonder why.

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Metallox1274d ago

Something cool in Sonic Boom? Hardly.

gangsta_red1275d ago

"Shadow being a villain and mocking Sonic for having friends was seen as a serious regression for the character and had some question if developer Big Red Button did its homework on the character."

Isn't Sonic Boom suppose to be a separate Sonic reality or something? And people really care about Shadow? I was under the impression that he was one of the worse characters in the Sonic universe.

-Foxtrot1275d ago

The problem with Shadow for me is that they wanted a "rival" for Sonic in ways yet they already have one for him if you followed the comics

He's basically the Moebius counterpart of Sonic the Hedgehog

gangsta_red1275d ago

Interesting, never heard of this guy. I wonder if the Archie comics are actual canon to the video game Sonic world?

-Foxtrot1275d ago

I've been saying it for years but they should base a game off the comics.

I would go for the UK comics though because they are much simpler and have better source material they could take from

You could start when Sonic is turned into the blue hedgehog we all know and love and see Doctor Ovi Kintobor transformation into Doctor Ivo Robotnik

Heyxyz1275d ago

I'm not a Sonic fan, but according to Sonic team Shadow is the 2nd most popular character.

GokuSolosAll1275d ago

The comics are separate canon.

Also, Sonic Boom better be alternative universe.

SilentNegotiator1274d ago

Take something dumb and make it confusing. Good work!

randomass1711274d ago

I think that's been Sega's approach to most things with Sonic since 2005. :U