In France, the Xbox One stays behind the PlayStation 4 and Wii U

"Microsoft's console has passed the threshold of 400,000 sales in France. Boosted by various promotional operations, Xbox One could go up a step in the coming months.

Who leads the way in France between the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Wii U? Nintendo stated that his last home console had reached 500,000 sales in the country a few days before Christmas. Sony had subsequently announced that the PlayStation 4 had surpassed one million copies sold. Was missing the Xbox One.

Hardware charts for 2014 in France:
PS4 - 1100k
Wii U - 515k
XBO - 416k"

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Bathyj1037d ago

Sacré bleu!

Eleven Thousand thousand? Is that a real number?

ps4gamer19831037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

Is there any country where xbox one is ahead of ps4? Doubt that'll change with all of the many ps4 (and especially Wii U) exclusives coming in 2015 (xbox one esclusives of 2015 are few and not exciting--maybe 2016 will be).

4theplayers1037d ago

Only on Brazil, where the PS4 coasts more than US$ 1.500,00.

PS: Fuck Brazil.

LightDiego1037d ago

@4theplayers: That's relative, because in Brazil the majority buy consoles from United States and Paraguay, few people buy on the stores here. That's why the numbers are not accurate.
Brazil it's a joke, lol.

andibandit1037d ago

Which makes you wonder, where's the news in this article?

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BitbyDeath1037d ago

Strange they didn't just write 1.1M.

mkis0071037d ago

yes, but he is still correct and that is used to notate millions/billions in earning reports.

Ikki_Phoenix1037d ago every single country in europe

Travis37081037d ago

France aime PS4!!!! qui ne fonctionne pas?

emilijo7771037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

so PS4 has 700k lead in france alone. 700k X 5 years, PS4 could lead by 3,5 million by the end of gen

OrangePowerz1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

Well sales are usually not that linear with dips and rises. After 5 years it coukd be a lot less or it could be a lot more.

I also don't think the gen will be over in 5 years, that would be a relative short window to make games. Getting engines optimized for the consoles and games made takes a considerable amount of time.

andibandit1037d ago

yeah sales, usually take a dip after the 3rd year, atleast by judging by previous consoles.

No_Limit1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

Who cares...

Now where is that Timbuktu sales numbers.

But congrat on Sony on the continued success of the PS4 worldwide. Proud owner of 3 but most excited by the exclusives coming for that system in the first half of 2015.

PeaSFor1037d ago

you seem to care enough to leave a comment just to say that you dont care

Bathyj1037d ago

Timbuktu? Why would....?? Oh, I get it, because France doesnt matter right?

Just like Germany doesnt matter? And Belgium, and Switzerland etc etc.

Except together, all these countries make up Europe, which is accounting for 40% of PS4 total sales globally. More than the USA.

It matters dude.

FFYRTP1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

Waste of energy. He can't give Sony credit without a slight somewhere.

OT: Interesting info. Puts in perspective the grip Sony has on that region. They lead in every country!

mkis0071037d ago

please tell us why you people are still clamoring about how many countries xbox one is released in vs how many the ps4 is then? this is one of the few who actually break the million mark.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1037d ago

But yet you care when M$'s Xbone is selling well. You're a funny man.

MasterCornholio1037d ago

The PS4 sold over 1 million there. That's something to care about.

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