The Next Generation Of Video Games Are Too Generic

Have you noticed numerous games lately that have come out that seem familiar, even more strangely, the same games we had not long ago? Well chances are it's because they ARE the same game.Video game companies have been terrible with this in recent times. Callum from Gamespresso argues that video game companies aren't focusing on what the next-gen consoles are truly capable of accomplishing, resorting to quick cash grabs instead.

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SaveFerris1276d ago

Interesting article. Take a game like Call of Duty. It sells really well so the company makes a sequel. That also sells well. Rinse and repeat. Same with Halo. Plenty of gamers are happy with the same formula year after year. Why would Activision or MS kill the golden goose?
Other companies want that success so they produce their own versions of Cod or 'Halo killer' if you prefer.
Games like Heavy Rain, and Journey show that quite a lot of gamers do want different experiences though, and indie games like Fru and Captain Cherry attract a lot of interest as well.
I'm sure many major developers will start to bring out new games that give us new experiences for PC, Xbox One and PS4, but apart from sales, I'm not sure how gamers can encourage this.

itBourne1275d ago

CoD single handidly ruined shooters for me. That is all that is put out. Even the good shooters got worse from CoD. Same crap different game cover.

James Vanderbeek1275d ago

Cod 4 was the best but all the new ones just get boring so fast. they should just remake cod4 and call it that haha.

OrangePowerz1275d ago

Why blame it on CoD and not the other companies that tried to copy it? That's a bit like saying that Marvel ruines the super hero movies because the ones DC make are bad copies (Batman excluded).

itBourne1275d ago

CoD 4 was fine, but that is what started the snowball lol. From then on, every shooter suffered (for my tastes anyhow). Nothing is original no more.

@ OrangePowerz
The devs are to blame as well, or well probably the publishers... Also the gaming community, for buying that crap every year. You can throw blame all over the place. Bottom line is, nothing is original anymore and CoD started the effect.

Barnaby-Jones1276d ago

Im not sure about generic but it does seem like we play the same games just with minor differences. Imo, I believe this is due to many developers, this gen and last, focusing on their games being realistic. Majority of the games that get heavily marketed in this present day usually have one thing in common: realistic graphics. You don't see colorful games get advertised as much in comparison. I think many devs would rather play it safe and make a game that they know will instantly gain gamers attention with high fidelity graphics rather than trying something different or new.

Sadly enough, this is probably a reason why some gamers now look at platformers and other colorful games as kiddy and not worth playing. I really hope the big 3 can push for more platformers and hopefully gamers will show support as long as the game is good. Just my opinion.

itBourne1276d ago

This is a valid point. I have plenty of friends who give me crap for pouring so much time into little big planet. But in reality what I'm doing with it is 10x more complex than the no thinking CoD crap they play. Just wish the game was on Pc, I think it would be more accepted and the community for creating would be better.

Ultr1275d ago

erm..the lbp community is pretty awesome... :P

itBourne1275d ago

It is very split, I do not see a well populated LBP area at all. Dont get me wrong, the things I do find, people are helpful and friendly, but there really isnt a concentrated area to go.

lipton1011276d ago

Just speaking personally, I never liked Platformers, even as a kid. Sonic would bore me and crash just wasn't my thing, among others. I'd find myself more frustrated then anything. "Realism" is whst really turned me on to gaming. I use that term extremely loosely though mind you. RE 1 turned me into the gamer I am today. Ff7, though cartooney, provided the mature story I was looking for (even at 8 years old). I need a good story that isn't just "fun and games." For example, I love shooters, but borderlands' art style and subject matter totally turned me off. Pursuing more colorful games would probably leave me seeking elsewhere

Heyxyz1275d ago

Safe = Money, and the sad thing is most devs exist solely for money. Very few devs still have passion, and even those few are changing for their new passion of money.

WizzroSupreme1276d ago

I think we find ourselves saying this every start of a generation before it's over. I might've been inclined to say the same thing back in '08, but you could say that gamers were less spoiled then on the familiarity of the medium. That alone doesn't warrant much in the way of these generalized complains.

Gamers are more expensive than ever and so over-exposed it's exhausting, but they've by no means run out of ideas within the constraints of a controller, or even motion-control, if companies could ever give two hoots about moving it past novelty.

itBourne1275d ago

Unless you own an Xbox = P, better enjoy those first 2 or 3 years, cuz after that you are getting nothing from their end. lol trolly but true.

lonelyplayer1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

"when you consider you are paying $100 Aus/ $60 Us dollars for the same game, just with better graphics, sound and hopefully some extra game play for your hard earned money it seems pretty ridiculous."

To be honest, nobody is forcing you to buy the game again and if you really want to buy the game again just wait a couple of months until the price drops. those games are already $30 or less.

"These listed games are no older than 3 years between their originals and the re-releases, is it just another form of money grabbing, the new way to rob us of money"

rob us the money!!!? wow. Time to stop reading.

AstroCyborg1275d ago

watch dogs,infamous,sunset over drive etc aren't generic

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