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SOCOM III And SOCOM: Combined Assault Get Patched

WorthPlaying writes: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Combined Assault adds an all-new 4-player cooperative play, improved enemy behavior and tactics, and new vehicles and weapons for campaign mode. Command the most feared Special Forces team ever assembled through a single, massive Area of Operation with varied missions spanning across multiple diverse regions. (PS2, SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs, Socom: Combined Assault)

PimpHandHappy  +   2583d ago
Socom freak here
its great that this game is still getting surport! I downloaded some maps a few months ago and even played a couple hours. You can still find good games at anytime of the day. Its the biggest online success the PS2 had!

cant wait for Socom4 by Zipper in 2009

I am looking 4ward to the next Socom but im holding judgement! Zipper won my surport years ago
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SSJSubgeta  +   2583d ago
Socom Fan as well here
Yes I do agree with you. This has been a title the PS2 has had and its long running iterations have been by far a great online experience. I am surprised that I played it and was still fully played.

I am more surprised why this has yet to be released on the PS3. It would of been a great launch title for players to make their transition over to a PS3. oh well i guess.

cant wait for the beta. I am in.
Gunnet  +   2583d ago
Support..yeah right
They are trying to keep there jobs from Slant Six.

Dont get me wrong I am a huge socom fan, already signed up for the Socom Beta.

But come on, they havent supported there fans in socom 2 or 3
PoSTedUP  +   2583d ago
thats some pretty crazy awesome news. ^ hell yea dude i still play combine assault. bout to pop it in right now. peace
dronde  +   2583d ago
are you kidding me? WHen did Socom III came out?
Still supporting it. I wonder if they have people playing soccom online then.
PoSTedUP  +   2583d ago
"WHen did Socom III came out?"
ages ago dude...

yes people still play socom 1 & 2& 3 & combineassault
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Horny  +   2583d ago
i just paleyed socom 2 a week ago, used ot be awesome but now I got owened lol. Im still good at combined assault/3 though. Im looking forward to Combined assault and part 4.
memots  +   2583d ago
might sound cluless here
I've always like the Socom series i haven't played since .. hmmm first or second one.

Can i play Socom combine assault online on my ps3? If so... then hell yeah I'm buying it today !

Rock Band Fan?
Check out www.deathbyrhythm.com
Delive  +   2583d ago
I play it on my PS3 all the time.
I have to use the USB headset though. Blue tooth does not work for me. Also, the Triangle button is not working with the pressure sensitivity as on the PS2.
crazyclown  +   2583d ago
its about time kinda late though :(

gtafan  +   2583d ago
I am going to play this ASAP. SOCOM FTW
Cusco  +   2583d ago
I've never played a socom game, but hopefully they announce Socom 4 (or whatever the next one is) at E3. I've never felt that PS3 has had a definitive online experience defining game. Metal Gear Online will get more interesting, but it doesn't have enough appeal for the masses. CoD4 is a big one, however that's multiplatform.
morganfell  +   2583d ago
The problem is COD4 is run and gun, die, rinse and repeat. Play Enowapi breaching as a SEAL and you see why that run and gun crap won't cut it. Enowapi, Sujo, and Sandstorm as a SEAL. Some of the best MP I have ever experienced SOCRACK has devoured huge chunks of my days and nights.
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PoSTedUP  +   2583d ago
hell yea dog, especially enowapi. crossrds fishhook desertglry bloodlake so many good maps.
jay2  +   2583d ago
Cool, might just download that.
Panthers  +   2583d ago
Damn thses 2 games blew. Why not patch Socom 2? If they got rid of the cheaters, it would be huge.
GametimeUK  +   2583d ago
I cant get online..
... which sucks cos I really wanna try socom out... o well

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