Elders wait for traffic, play Grand Theft Auto 5

Joystiq: The Fine Brothers offered another React Gaming video, but unlike the youthful ones in the past, this one features senior citizens taking Grand Theft Auto 5 out for a spin. The charming video shows the elderly folks stealing cars, shooting civilians and above all else, obeying traffic signals. Grand Theft Auto 5's PC version will launch on March 24.

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xxxGEOxxx977d ago

I have to admit, this video genuinely made me laugh, especially the guy with the beard (not the bald one, even though he was funny as hell, too).

Kurisu976d ago

He was really getting in to it!

xHeavYx976d ago

That Barbara woman sounds like the typical party pooper

TXIDarkAvenger976d ago (Edited 976d ago )


"I hit a woman for the first time in my life...and I'm having fun".

It's nice the last 3 people at the end of the video understand its just a game and if someone commits a crime, there was already something wrong with them. It's not the game's fault.

sungam3d976d ago

I lost my shit at that!

Thats going to be my phones ring tone from now on.

shammgod976d ago

HA! Beard dude is loving it!