PS3 Attitude is One Year Old

Excerpt from PS3 Attitude: "One year ago today, PS3 Attitude was born.

The site originally began because I felt so many websites were being unnecessarily negative about video games, consoles and specifically Sony and the PS3. The brief was a simple one - report PS3 news daily with honesty and a balanced opinion...."

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nofilter3693d ago

Happy Birthday PS3 Attitude!

DolphGB3693d ago

...and it's been a pleasure getting to know you and people like you over the first year.

PimpHandHappy3693d ago

the first year is always the hardest for startups


and cheers to a long life

techie3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Congratulations! May there be many more, and may there be more where Sony will be more accommodating. (Or should I say...OGUH? ) :)

PoSTedUP3693d ago

thats cool cause alot of people were hating on the ps3 when it first came out even though it was pretty awesome right from the start. and the thing is it will only get better over time. good luck with your web site : )

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