Publisher 'Constantly Looking At' Bringing WWE 2K To PC and Other Consoles

2K Games is constantly trying to find ways to bring the WWE 2K wrestling games franchise to PC and other consoles, according to an executive from the studio.

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Solidus891307d ago

They should be looking at fixing the mess of a game that shipped this year, never mind getting carried away with talk of a PC release.

Nitrowolf21307d ago

Nah, it'll always be broken, rather have the pc version come out and modders fix it cause you know, modders get it

Owenza1307d ago

I always like to hear about games coming to PC, since I don't have any of the new consoles. I hope they don't half-arse it, though.

GokuSolosAll1307d ago

Then release it on PC. It's literally that easy.

BattleAxe1307d ago

"Publisher 'Constantly Looking At' Bringing WWE 2K To PC and Other Consoles"

That's great, because I love the PC console :/

Roaddhogg1307d ago

Other consoles besides the ones it's already out on, smart ass.

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